KNOWN ISSUE: Crashing at Random Due to GPU-Related Errors

GUID: b8cb7726-7a2a-4316-b908-e5e523898182
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Happens 100% of the time within 10-15 minutes.

My game is crashing systematicaly on my PC since the last update.

Every map attempt :
-Crash while loading the map
-Crash before loading end results
-Crash after the end results before loading back to the ship
Sometimes there are crashes while browsing a shop.

It’s always a “failed to decompress files ID# something”

I have a full excel and .txt with crashes info:
GUID: f7be4855-9dd6-4794-9e2a-d34a132efa23
GUID: 1139b7ab-8653-4b24-ad51-2674288ac103
GUID: 6fabbd7e-fbf0-4ab9-992a-7d7e98e49102
GUID: bc014ba6-660d-423c-b66f-1b0811367fa9
GUID: 7792011b-cc56-4781-a37b-d7d2e975b9e6
GUID: 4152dfc0-8bd7-4cde-9e30-a76a7a5674cf
GUID: 695de6c0-0be9-4fdf-bd2a-65818af2d34c
GUID: 0cff0fa2-8607-40be-8b73-2883ed493b7e
GUID: 0daff9b7-7321-4cbb-b3cf-8c23072c33ae
GUID: 89f815b8-85f6-48a3-9bf6-d81444e1636c
GUID: 3f4ed281-5230-4d00-83aa-f1f1f7828d9f
GUID: f5f6febc-e160-42c9-9e25-ff7da96b7f66
GUID: f2341701-3ff4-41d7-af52-86f6656a508c
GUID: b7f9b640-54f2-4627-817d-7387f0cd55b3

I tried no overclock, lower graphic settings possible, lowering the number of working threads, fresh reinstalling the game, checking the integrity of files through steam, i’ve tried the experimental build, I’ve checked the energy consumtion and the heat generated and nothing is working or showing signs of malfuction or working too hard.

My rig:
Capture d'écran_20230528_204809

My game constantly crash i got every error type (3001/2001/9999 ETC) i can’t play and i’am tired of it…
I resumed the game for 2 weeks and it’s a torture I had paid 60 € !
I get crashes that lock up my computer too

console-2023-05-28-18.46.06-4d038f30-1a30-4484-a9cf-dd6a196ca8be.log (8.7 MB)

console-2023-05-18-14.36.22-59e09d4d-e8bb-4436-a40d-f93e72994b3d.log (10.3 MB)

console-2023-05-18-18.31.48-bebbdb5a-719e-4d8c-a6c1-1996c0e17b9e.log (29.7 MB)

console-2023-05-19-14.11.36-e43237a5-ae70-4967-8489-7bfa60004df1.log (7.3 MB)

And many others … i upload a video on Youtube too, where we see all the lags and crashs that i got in a single mission…

This one after trying the experimental build…
console-2023-05-28-20.14.37-ed0a8b72-53bb-4192-b99d-2b73bb39bff4.log (3.4 MB)

This one when i just close the game…
console-2023-05-29-07.05.12-6c0cfcb6-dd23-444e-ad60-d8b95698e188.log (4.2 MB)

When i close the game my computer start to slow with bad performances, thx Darktide is a virus that i paid 60€ ?

The experimental build is now mirroring the live build, meaning it is essentially redundant. We have now implemented an option within ‘Settings’ → ‘Interface’ that allows you to disable Portrait Rendering, which we understand is a common cause of GPU-related crashes for some:

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With the experimental branch I had zero crashes, now that the clients are merged I am once again crashing during gameplay.

The portraits are disabled through the option menu.

console-2023-06-02-10.25.03-46fce82c-f892-405f-8c91-4966562cad27.log (953.7 KB)

crash_dump-2023-06-02-10.25.03-46fce82c-f892-405f-8c91-4966562cad27.dmp (833.6 KB)

darktide_launcher.log (728.3 KB)

Thank you for letting us know. I’m merging your post to make sure @FatsharkPdr has visibility of it.

it’s been a month since my game constantly crashes every minutes when the game wasn’t working on release it was perfectly fine for me and now i’m the only one that can’t play the game anymore can i get any help ?

I already uninstall to install 2 times, i fixed the files too and i also tried to lower the setting as lower as i can but nothing works.

GUID: 7e8189db-eecc-486f-b7cd-0a24c5d75ae4
Log File:
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that’s the error i get everytime.

And when i lower the settings here is the other error i get.

GUID: ed42615a-c2c7-415a-aedd-7319e0714de9
Log File:
Info Type:

Crashes either on hitting “play” or at character selection screen. Thats as far as I’ve been able to go. Got Ryzen 7, RTX 2070 Super in case its usefull info.

GUID: 852027ee-0d78-473c-93d0-2df13e901fcb
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