KNOWN ISSUE: Crashing at Random, Due to GPU-Related Errors (+ Experimental Build Instructions)

I hope that the experimental changes get merged to the main branch soon so that I can enjoy avatars again.

No improvemend for me. First level load with the experimental beta → directly chrashed to desktop. No problems with other games

Still have constant crashes. I was able to play 2 matches with one crash. After the third, I crashed and now unable to even get back in. Crashing on loading screen. Completely unplayable in both experimental and not.

I am currently having the same issues after loading with toon it crashes sometimes it works sometimes it wont load I am using a new Intel ARC 770 GPU

GUID: 9b71400e-feba-40c9-983f-31373cb53f84
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I have played about 30 games in the experimental branch. Had about 5-6 crashes where I used to have a crash every 1-2 games. Definitely an improvement.

I can’t even finish a mission due to crashing. I’ve crashed at least 12 times per mission maybe more. I can’t enter back into the mission sometimes.

still crashes 12 times or so in a mission but now with visual glitches

I am getting frequent crashes since the last update to the point where I can barely play.

It was fine for the first couple hours after I updated the game, then I crashed out of the same mission 3 times. Gave up and tried to play again a day later and was crashing in the Mourningstar within a minute or two of logging in.

Did a clean install of my GPU drivers and switched to experimental build. Capped FPS to 60. I was able to make it into a game but it would still crash a few minutes in.

Cleared my %appdata% folder. Played a game the whole way through only for it to crash on the end screen!

I have played since the closed beta and never had much of an issue so I dont think its related to my pc.

For reference I have an RTX 2060, i5 10600K

Hello Fatshark!

After installing the experimental branch, my game seems to have stopped crashing. The stability of my frames also improved. The GPU I use is a Gigabyte RTX 3060 Ti. The only problem i’m experiencing is the portraits in game only being a black void. I have read that other people are experiencing this problem. I hope this info helps :slight_smile:

Have you replicated the crashes internally, or are you still dependant on crash reports? I wanna get into Darktide with a friend, but the crashes are a deal breaker.

Running an MSI 3080 Suprim X with 1915 mhz @ 950mv. Coupled with an R9 3900x.

Still running experimental build (since before patch 5). Crashes have dramatically increased in frequency since the patch. Idk what happened, but it definitely was not a fix.


No crashes with the experimental build for 10 days. I try to rise graphic options, no crash. Next stage, rise up CPU threads.

Somes IU issues (portraits, …) but no care, i’ts an improvement.

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Still crashing on my end even with the experimental build set up and running. Tried to lower working threads to below 4 and have tweaked various graphical settings to close to minimum.

GUID: 95d75763-ca53-4d90-8fe8-ced945ff5732
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Since this morning, crash are come back.

The only change is the windows update (search bare).

I gonna low down my graphics settings.

Gave it a try again after a 2 week hiatus and had several crashes. In my case it’s a full freeze of the whole system (alienware aurora r11) every time. 3080 with latest nvidia drivers + experimental build.

i am getting constant crashes, even on experimental build, cant play for 15 min, i had no problems with game in beta or at launch so my guess is that game brake after one of the updates. I tried reinstaling game, lowering all settings, updating drivers and many more. My specs are RTX 3080 and i5-9600K.
GUID: 07a393f0-37ef-4148-beb1-57b1a112b57e
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Getting random crashes. Even while just standing still in the hub area. Think it may be related to a recent crash as I didn’t have this issue early Jan (before I took a little break from the game)

GUID: 8b3a85d4-1853-4437-b3ed-c05e119d6525
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Issue Description: Randomly crashing, be it standing still in the hub or during gameplay. Not seemingly when lots of stuff is happening, rather just during times of nothing much is happening.

Crash Report (If Applicable): This is the most recent one:

GUID: 16e9c1ef-e994-47cb-8fc2-4c9f7602a3b1
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Steps to Reproduce: Seemingly random. Sometimes I crash in HUB, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I get through full matches no problem, sometimes it happens 1-3 times.

Platform: Steam

Player ID: Steam ID 2273262082

Reproduction Rate: Common

darktide_launcher.log (781.9 KB)

If need be I can play some more and get more logs/crash reports on request.

Another crash

GUID: 182f263e-35b6-4fb9-91a8-07aa8b1d8fcb
Log File:
Info Type:

console-2023-03-20-21.44.44-16e9c1ef-e994-47cb-8fc2-4c9f7602a3b1.log (226.2 KB)

console-2023-03-20-23.29.07-182f263e-35b6-4fb9-91a8-07aa8b1d8fcb.log (307.3 KB)

Accidently sent logs from last year, added the correct ones I think

Crashes without mistakes. Absolutely random, mostly in missons, not in lobby.
Already reinstalled game, rechecked files, used your FAQ about crashes, tried to close explorer.exe - nothing changes. Help pls.

GUID: 3548231c-225c-470a-8d4f-fafe236aca39
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Steps to Reproduce:
1.Launch game
2. Play for 30-40 minutes (any mission)
3. Crush

Xbox Gamepass (PC)

Player ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
19/03/2023 19-00 GMC+3

Reproduction Rate:
Often (<75%)

Upload Supporting Evidence:

Upload Console Log:
console-2023-03-19-15.10.13-3548231c-225c-470a-8d4f-fafe236aca39.log (219.0 KB)
console-2023-03-19-15.57.53-8bf56c84-c4bd-471f-8ad8-0e0275df02f2.log (97.7 KB)

Upload darktide_launcher.log:
darktide_launcher.log (419.4 KB)

and one more, right now

GUID: c90999cf-7263-427b-b7dc-d683d9c60591
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