Kinetic Overload doesn't work

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I believe the visual animation for Kinetic overload works as I see some flame circling the character, however nobody is set on fire or receives the debuff or takes any damage.

  1. Go into the Psykanium
  2. Brain blast weak targets until you have 4 stacks.
  3. Stand next to an elite
  4. Brain blast and kill a grunt.

Reproduction Rate: 50%.

Steam ID: 76561198118323529

Steam PC.

10:50PM KWT 20th November 2022.

No dot at all being applied to anything on my end.
Stand next to enemies and also pushed enemies into a clumped group and still nothing comes from the Kinetic Overload.

Soulblaze also seems to be a very low Damage dot not ticking nearly as hard as the DoT’s left from flamer weapons when generated from other sources.