Kerillian typo 2

Seems like this mysterious girl is really from another planet…

(Skittergate initial dialog)

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Without context I’m not sure this is a typo? What does she actually say in the VO?

Well, they are actually complaining about Lohner’s and Olesya’s plan to go through the Skittergate, dah.
It’s the initial dialog on the Skittergate, as it says in the description

@Fatshark_Hedge is this really not a mistake? Or it just means that you took a note to correct the text, but is not bug in the code that programmers will have to investigate?

Without further context for the line, it seems to be intentional.

Erm, they are talking about Olesya’s plan. Kerillian clearly speaks “plan” in audio. And I doubt that even if she would complain about the entire globe she’d say “planet”. “This world”, perhaps, probably referring to The Old World.
Again, Kruber, here: “I am both impressed and a bit worried that none of you said “No” to this plan, mates”
Salzpyre: “Never have I agreed to such a demented borderline heretical , travesty of a plan”
Sienna: "A long detailed plan. Filled with a worrying ammount of “if"s”

I mean, as I said, it’s the initial intro line to the Skittergate map, and all of them are not happy with Lohner’s and Olesya’s plan to go through the Skittergate and then go back.
On what planet would Kerillian say “planet” here? Or everywhere else for that matter. It doesn’t go anywhere in the context of the lore

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Gotcha, then this would be something for us to look in to :slight_smile: Thanks.

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