Kerillian - Shade - Talent: Bloodfletcher, and about Backstab

I think it should be return 10% of ammunition, instead of 1 bolt or arrow.

And I think backstab should be include enemy’s sides too.

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I think it has a chance to easily backfire to the point of making Shade never worry about about ammo ever again (which is not good)


Yeah lets make that talent must pick overpowered :smiley:


No. 10% is way too much for a melee class. 5% rounded would give 1 arrow for hagbane and Longbow (appropriate), while giving 2 for volley and 3 for swift (also appropriate since they take more shots to kill than Longbow or hag). Alternatively if people think that’s still too much ammo generation for swift bow, then it could be 5% rounded down, in which case volley and swift would both get 2 arrows per backstab, which seems reasonable.

Making backstabs count from the sides would be a buff for one of the strongest classes in the game… No thanks.


I wouldn’t mind an ammo regeneration talent if it worked exclusively with volley crossbow, considering it’s her signature weapon. Sadly, a lot of players use longbow or cheese hagbane.

It becomes too OP with Hagbane.

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Truth be told, if you’re running with a powerful weapon that can kill in a single, well placed headshot (such as longbow), a single backstab on any enemy is already pretty easy to do and already well worth it. Particularly if you’re running Cloak of Mist and you’re aiming for those backstabs to start of a slaughter combo anyway. I personally never use this talent because I run Scrounger with Cloak of Mist (with 10% cooldown), so I can get 6 shots back with a single volley as the first attack out of CoM (Guaranteed Crit). Instead, I run Vanish with CoM; I can solo Storm Vermin patrols this way if I just go in with light attacks from any weapon (normally S&D).

TL;DR - The talent is fine the way it is if you play smart.

P.S. Backstabbing is also easy to pull off if you pace yourself.


No, melee class doesn’t even need that talent, i believe it’s also been nerfed beyond the text with a internal 5 second cd or something some time back.

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I think at least one of I suggested should be done. With some changes or not.


Hard no. Please see my previous post for a compromise that you’ve weirdly ignored. 10% is absolutely too much. You can’t just post an idea, have literally everyone say no that’s a bad idea, then come back and basically just say “nah, I’m right though”. At very least give some reasons why 10% isn’t too much, or even better actually engage with the attempts at middle ground.


Yeah, I agree with @alsozara ; hard pass on your suggestion. It would make the level 20 talent far too powerful. Alsozara made a really good compromise suggestion that I could see being implemented. Also’s idea would stack well with traits like Scrounger and Conservative Shooter, either giving back ammo on headshot or giving you the 10% you seem so adamant on seeing.

It’s almost like you just want to see your ideas in the game. Not a bad thing to want, but compromise is the key to seeing gradual change.

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