Keri weapon bugs


So i was checking the maximum range of the sword’s attacks when i noticed something rather strange, some of the attacks would hit while others would miss.So i started testing by using the first light over and over, with a break in between each, and i saw that for seemingly no reason some attacks just seemed to hit the air and fail while others would hit the target.

I did not move or change my aim whatsoever, and i always let the doll fully reset, and yet somehow the results were different.

Similarly i was able to trigger a situation on the heavies where some attacks counted as bodyshots while others counted as headshots with the same conditions as above, a range near the max but without moving or changing my aim.

(I also found a thing where if two enemies are standing in a row then your heavies will randomly deal most of its damage to the one in the back rather than the one infront)

I was able to make the range bug occur with the spear as well, and i noted that for some reason the light attack 2 seems to have more range than light 1 or heavy 1. And the 2nd light attack also has a clear problem with some attacks randomly counting as headshots and some as bodyshots despite being aimed at head without any aim or position change.

Also, the third light attack, the flick, sometimes hits the ground or a body on the ground and doesnt hit anything else : (


  • The Greatsword heavy also randomly hits or misses near max range at the same range and aim.

  • The glaive 2nd heavy also randomy changes between headshots and bodyshots when attacking from near max range and the same spot at the head. Additionally the light attacks randomly hit or miss around that range as well.

  • Spear&shield 2nd heavy too has a range where the attack fails or hits seemingly at random, the light attacks also have this but it was harder to trigger.

  • Sword&dagger : Occurs with it too.

  • Dual daggers : Range on heavies seemingly changes depending on how high and low you aim is, notably so.

I always felt that keri´s weapons had bad/strange hitboxes at times, finally feels like i caught some end of it x)

Did you pay attention to whether the hits were crits by any chance ?

I did, but it didnt seem to have any particular effect, or if there were i didnt test enough times to notice it.

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