Keep getting Error 4001

Issue Description:
The issue is persisting now for a few weeks/days, not sure if it occured after a patch.
Very often, After character selection screen, hitting START button, i get kicked out of the Loading Screen with error 4001. Unable to sign in to the Mourningstar.
Also, after Mission end when loading back into Mourningstar.

Tried and not helping:
-Checked network connection
-uninstalled all Mods
-verified steam game files
-complete clean reinstall
-turned portrait rendering off(read that somewhere here)
-changed fullscreen, windowed, borderless fullscreen mode(read that somewhere here)

Error Displayed (If Applicable):
4001 Failed to join

Steps to Reproduce:
randomly, but almost every time i try to play. I see no pattern.
Start Darktide, select character, start button → Loading screen → Error 4001

Mission Name (If Applicable):


Player ID:
STeamID 76561197995076656

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
random, i mostly play in the evening 20:00 - 0:00 Germany

Reproduction Rate:
Once - Rare (<10%) - Unusual (<25%) - Common (<50%) - Often (<75%) - Constant (100%)
Often 80%

Upload Supporting Evidence:
[Screenshots, recordings, links to Twitch VODs, etc.]

[PC] Paste Crash Report, or Upload Console Log & darktide_launcher.log:
In this log, i was able to play a game, win, got kicked out to character selection (4001), tried to log back in to mourningstar → (4001) quit game, log end
console-2023-11-11-20.16.12-7a232b2f-e2ef-4455-8716-f8de6259ad04.log (146.3 KB)

This is unusual, as we haven’t seen this error in a while! I’ve raised this with our Backend Engineer.

Same issue here.

I am on the US West Coast. I am on Steam.

This error code pops up for me every few missions after mission completion, trying to load back into the Hub. Didn’t start experiencing it until the most recent Anniversary patch.

I can load back in just fine with the same character afterwards. i.e, from the character selection menu.