Keep death state

You can die in keep if you (by some miracle :wink:) teleport yourself below the safe-border, using Battle Wizards Firewalk.
That’s not the problem per se, but the effect it has. It bugs the current game in a way you don’t respawn and just endlessly stare from sigmars statue into the room. Only closing the lobby will get rid of it.
Tried it with a friend, too. There it gets even better, i do the same thing, die, and don’t respawn as expected (am in watcher state). I quit the session but now i can’t even rejoin the game, so he has the restart his lobby, too.
My log:
console-2019-04-25-19.42.00-dd95382f-fac2-4392-beac-bdd83f4a1c2e.log (395.5 KB)
The log of my friend:
console-2019-04-25-19.53.00-3f8f626f-d0cf-43e3-98f6-1f16cba4508d.log (128.1 KB)

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