Just a Brainstorm on Seasons

So I just wanted to share some Ideas for the future directions of the game. Personally I haven’t played as much as of lately. Reason for this is that I feel that the game just feels a bit stale and it’s so strange to me that discussions here on the forum so often just revolve arround balancing. For the most part personally I don’t care as much about that. I recently read the thread on 2H Axe for Bardin and was just so confused as this is my go to weapon and to me it feels amazing. Sure I just play Legend but still I feel there is so much time and effort wasted on nitty-gritty details here that don’t really affect gameplay as much. And before everyone gets angra at me: sure some balancing is necessary and there are OP things in the game.

However I still think that none of that is (at least for me) the reason that my interest in the game is declining. Rather there is just too much repetition going on in the main game loop and I wanted to share some ideas what to do about that.

Again this is my personal oppinion and it’s just meant as a sort of brainstorming exercise so please contribute to that rather than to my oppinion on the state of the game if possible.

What is the most exciting part for me is definitely patrols or to some extend the wargore Banner-bearers. Why? Because suddenly the game feels tense and I feel like I have the agency for tactical decisions. Most other specials to me are more of a nuissance- They just run arround but the second they actually show up they are allready dealt with. The game itself doesn’t really change or forces any sort of meaningful decision-making from the players. Even AoE’s like Gasrats or blightstormers usually just mean that you have to reposition slightley. Again to me they feel more annoying rather than giving me something to re-evaluate the situation.

In contrast to specials the scripted events are… well also not that interesting anymore. Also there is very little tactical decision-making in most cases and the AI director tends to go ham on them anyway giving you little to no pause. So also there is no meaningful decision there- it more often than not feels more like a ride or die kind of thing. Which is okay but not that interesting either, especially in QP where coordination is challenging.

So what makes Patrols interesting? Well they set up a quite unique situation unlike everything else in the game. Yes there is occasionally the odd one that appears out of nowhere. But usually since they dont automatically attack you there is meaningfull decisions to be had. If the party is doing great- well go for them and have a blast mowing them down with ults, bombs, etc… If not you need to find a way to evade them which changes the gameplay from Action to sort of stealthing (sure by now we all know the spots for doing so). However it gets also very interesting if you get pinned between a patrol and an ambush/horde/boss. And more often than not I get out of situations like that and these are to me the most memorable events in all of VT 2.

So personally I think we would need so much more stuff like this in the game. Mini-Events that change the pace or allow for interesting decision-making. On the top of my head I could think of a bunch of stuff:

  • Roadblocks with elite enemies and destructable terrain

  • Non- Scripted Artillery attacks (like in the lighting weaves)

  • Skirmishes between NPC’s, f.e. seeing a Rat ogre and a spawn battling it out

So why did I mention Seasons in the title. I still keep coming back to one game that I would love to see as a sort of blueprint for more varied and memorable runs: Darkest Dungeon. I know this is probably not going to happen but how awesome would it be if each season would have special scripted events like that? Where maybe there is not an entirely new faction but maybe some sort of smaller encounter with new types of enemies every season. How awesome would have WoM might been if beastmen wouldnt have been a full faction but instead they would bring their very own encounters to the mix. And if people don’t like it swap it out after a while with something else. In the meantime you can polish out problems and reintroduce them in a new way down the line.

I think I might get roasted pretty hard here considering how a lot of people reacted to Beastmen in general and to wargores in particular but I would love to see more variety on the battlefield. Not in like a big fundamental kind of way but rather more smaller events and encounters. I still think it was not the best idea to put all that stuff in weaves/deeds because to me I start to get really tired of the base game and intentionally hoping into a challenge is just not the same than being surprised (for better or worse) on a regular basis within the core gameplay loop.

So what do you guys think?

So I don’t see anything related to seasons here, but random events during maps are more than welcome, I agree (to summarise your post).

Yeah the post got a little bit too long and convoluted. My suggestions was to have events/encounters change or rotate with each season. I would just find that preferable to new weaves/leaderboards/balance changes.