Joke Weapons

For a laugh, I have a red 2h Hammer for Kruber that I reskinned into the wooden mallet from the tutorial. Which reminded me of all the joke weapons from FF7 and Soul Calibur.

Can we have joke weapon skins for…say April 1st update next year?
Kerrillian DW a pair of Fish, Saltzpyre brace of Cork guns, Sienna staff that throws water balloons, bardin with a trash lid and turkey drum stick


This could be pretty fun, I would get a laugh out of this. Games Workshop, the owner of the Warhammer IP might be difficult to convince, but I would enjoy this idea if it got past GW.

While some of them could be fun (like the wooden mallet), I wouldn’t like for them to go to lengths similar to Soul Caliburs. And yeah, GW would likely be the biggest hurdle for it, even if they were only Illusions.

Personally, if something like them were implemented, something weapon-like but clearly improvised could work best, holding some of the seriousness of the setting while still appearing handicapped or even somewhat weird. Ranged weapons are harder to figure out (maybe something that looks like they were put together from scraps in three minutes), but melee weapons could be a lot of things: Branches for swords, cudgels for maces and hammers, a long, pointy stick for spear, a fire poker for Rapier… Things that aren’t blatantly silly, but still something you would only expect as a weapon of last resort. I think their effectiveness despite appearance would bring enough weirdness in (imagine using a big branch as an Exec Sword).



10 points if you get this reference

with enemies look like candy would be good

A plank with nails in it is found in may games, and certainly in any with improvised weapons… But the one that came to my mind first was FFVII.

You mean pistol from Saltzpyre’s best and finest red rapier illusion?


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