Ive never been happier and angrier at the same time

So, I LOVE the new stuff, the khorne event is amazing, the idea of challenges is amazing and I wish they were tied to achievements, the new skins are awesome, the new hats are super cool, cosmetics actually drop. I was super excited till I started to play and ran into a slew of new bugs, invincible mobs for one has been horrible, but I ran into a bigger problem, i’ve been a Kruber main this while time, huntsman in particular (30+112 where my next highest is only 30+57) and thought wow, reds from commendations now, good thing I saved up a ton for this DLC, and I started opening boxes and knocking out legend, even beat up a few of the hardcore mode challenges. However, after opening a slew of things I saved and dumping on legend I saw a decent number of reds (a positive change) but they were literally all trinkets pushing me from 9 trinkets to 14 trinkets in a few hours. Everytime I play I feel like the game is just against me… duplicates of the same cosmetic over and over, duplicates of the same red over and over and over and over. im at 400 hours and don’t even have a single item I want yet and there is no promise i’ll ever get it. What makes matters worse is that I opeted to play Kruber > elf because my friends wanted to try her post v1 and you gut huntsman, sure he is still viable but 4-5 headshots with active and longbow to kill 1 CW and mediocre boss damage, he gets out damaged by BH now on bosses which is possibly the most braindead class in the game.

All im saying is, this patch is amazing, thank you for making it, I am really excited for it but at the same time I feel like I can’t even be happy.


i’m actually really pleasantly surprised by okri’s challenges. the stuff i’ve seen is more varied than the bounty board so far and some of the silly level challenges remind me of payday 2’s achievements in the absolute best way possible. the funny icons drawn for them make them even better. kudos to the book being pretty awesome and i hope to see more things like it in the future!

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this is what initially pushed me away from this game. the fact that you can get DUPeS of SUPER hard to get items before the update proved how unfinished this game was to me and was my breaking point when i saw someone post here that you can get COSMETIC dupes… the HARDEST items in the game that not even someone who spends 10000000000+ hours into the game and never getting a cosmetic has a chance to get DUPES… i really hope they at least alleviated this because this was a slap in the face when i found this out after spending DAYS playing this game.

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I understand. There’s some wonkiness going on, like the disconnects - and I can’t even make progress on one of my dailies, it is to kill three bosses as a party, but despite killing multiple bosses I have only a single boss kill tallied. Do I have to strike the final blow or something? That seems pretty annoying, though, because it puts players in direct competition with each other, not to mention some classes are just better at that than others.

It’s not amazing. Don’t call it amazing just for the sake of it.

It’s a step forward, it’s the first pach, that addresses some core problems, actually the 2nd biggest game problem - green dust, it adds new content, it adds duplicate protection at least for hats, quests - all that stuff is great.

But the very core, the most frustrating game design flaw haven’t been addressed at all and it doesn’t look like it is even viewed as a flaw. Of course I am talking about randomness. And while it doesn’t get fixed, all the other stuff doesn’t matter, cause lot’s of people (you for example) will continue to get pwned by rng.

So no, as a rational f̶e̶l̶i̶n̶e human being I don’t think this patch is amazing. Because basically the whole house’s on fire, but instead of fighting the fire, fireman feed us with cookies and milk and comfort us with cozy blankets. Cookies and milk are the best - that’s no doubt, but you can’t really enjoy them in such situation.

Same with this patch: increased droprates is great stuff, but you can’t really take full advantage of them while everything is still based on pure random. So while some changes are great, some might even call them amazing, the patch is not. It’s a good patch, it has no downsides aside from arguable retroactive changes, but it is not gonna rock your world, or change the game upside down.

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Achievements are a nice bolus of cheats but once completed you’re kind of left with the exact same game.

Okri challenges should not be one a day they should auto populate as you finish, increasing in difficulty and reward, then ‘reset’ to general or emperor champion chest after 24 hours to reset the difficulty.

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