I've had enough

Every week I have had this quest in my list and it is driving me absolutely mad. Everyone I play with gets slay 3 Monsters when they get it. This last week I had to complete over 20 runs to complete because I just wasn’t getting bosses to spawn. Can I catch a break!?!?

I always get 9 monsters as a weekly quest.

You can always queue Against the Grain and Screaming Bell.
Two guaranteed monsters right there.

I have tested and they do count towards the quest.


I don’t have the DLC, so I may be wrong, but aren’t they two different quests? 3 is for daily and a champ chest, 9 is for weekly and a bogen chest.

The weeklies have differing amounts, starting from the daily ones. So QPs may be from 3 to 9 (or something like that), Elites may be 25-50… Kind of weird, and I’m not certain if it’s completely intended, as the daily amounts (i. e. the low end) seem very low for weeklies.

Wow, every new thing I learn about the DLC makes me happier not to have purchased it.


whoa, your runs must be smooth as butter without any bosses lol

Yea they are random, I’ve had collect 3 grims as a weekly before, which is also a daily, but it can go as high as 9 grims. Kill 25-50 elites as a party, which is one game. Or collect anywhere from 6-12 tomes. Slay 3-12 monsters. QP 3-10 times, etc.

As I’ve said before, give us DLC challenges for the loot with no hard cap. If we want to sit there and unlock everything in a day, so be it. Make the weekly quests for legend vaults. Then perhaps add in a monthly quest, a hard one, like clear 35 QPs or kill 20 monsters, etc but make it drop a box which always has a hat in it from the base game commendation chests.


On which difficulty do you play?

I get atleast 1 boss in 95% of my games and even 2 in 1/3 of that.


Was able to do my slay 9 monster weekly in two nights of Legend maps. So probably 6 hours or so of game time.

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