It's time to start seasonal content?

now that the postponed XBOX release has been confirmed, will seasonal content begin as well?
Or is it premature to talk about this?
I don’t know what seasonal content would essentially look like, but I predicted that it would probably be DLC.


I know how it would look like, they told us:
New subclass every three months. Not sure how they will do that, considering the new skill trees.
New free mission every month.
And that’s all they promised for their “live service” game.

normally a live service game provides seasonal content, wich can look like seasonal enemies/drops, season pass/similar progress trees, seasonal cosmetics.
or a new way to play the game.

all of wich FS hasn’t confirmed.

One new archetype as DLC… a class half melee half ranged weapons…
That’s what I would like to see

But more enemies… new biomes and dynamically generated missions (tiles of map combined, random objectives) would be great also…

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The Xbox release will temporarily boost player numbers. But I suspect not for long. They are gonna need more than a revamped skill tree to retain players, and they haven’t announced any additional content for that update. Maybe they’ll announce more content as we get closer, but who knows…

If they want a soft ‘re-release’ to dig themselves out of the hole, they will need to pack in actual content and fixes. Especially when they have to attract players who will be spoiled for choice for games this fall.


I’m hoping the class overhaul will drag this game from the depths and revive it anew. Although they’ll need to quickly add some other content (unless there’s already other content coming along with the class overhaul) within a month or two of the xbox/class overhaul release to retain players interest.

There’s also still work needed on the crafting system, we need a more reliable way to get specific blessings, buying them from melkers for melk coins would be the best way to go about this. 250 melk coins X tier would be good. So i.e a tier IV blessing would cost 1k melk coins.

The other elephant in the room that still needs addressing is the locks, either remove that mechanic outright or turn it into a resource sink for diamantine, let us pay 500 diamantine to remove 1 lock from a weapon or curio. I have heaps of diamantine, but not much plasteel so having the lock remove mechanic only accept diamantine would make sense.


Seasonal yes, but only if oyu can UNlokc certain Skins that prolly come with it “ALL THE TIME” even after. It sucks when you dont have time to unlock due to work!

FOMO sucks!

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Pretty sure the subclass per quarter thing is not going to happen, period. They said this at the time probably thinking they would do classes VT2 style, but likely because of the backlash decided to reimplement their RPG class system that was unfinished.

So while we will eventually get new archetypes, I don’t expect them to release that fast. Maybe one every year or two at most.

Unless they meant subclasses as the RPG skill system they will release in oct. Meaning every quarter an archetype gets another line of skills (subclass) to add to the already existing pond of options. That would actually be awesome, continually adding build options and variety for players to be creative with.

Now that, you could put a price tag on!

I agree. However at this point I am 99% sure they will not change the crafting system much more. Maybe, just maybe the diamantine idea or something similar could happen. But I honestly don’t think much more will happen other than slight tweaks.

They have to have some type of RNG system in some form to boost playtime artificially. (or with Tencent, forced too)

They do mention in the recent interview article that the original skill trees had many more “class” columns in them. I think he throws out the number 12? They might have just weeded and pruned them down to where they want them (and what actually works) or they could be planning to add more talent options in the future. Until we get some huge Path-of-Exile monstrosity.

Either way is an option.

I think it would be awesome to add more subclass options in the future. It would keep each archetype fresh and I doubt anyone would complain about more build variety.

Although I hope they will add at least one new archetype. Here’s me hoping for ratling!

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