Its not about balancing Heroes

Rather than asking to balance heroes I would rather look at this issue at another angle. Why? because balancing numbers don’t solve issues and the problem always remains. It is like having a cake slice in two but one bigger than the other and when you try to cut the bigger one it ends up getting smaller than the one it is compared to. Ok, enough of the analogy.

I would prefer looking at it in another perspective. For example, if shade is less popular to waystalker is because in many situations waystalker performs better. But if shade has talents like “armor penetration x% from the back” that would let me pick a shade if I am challenging a difficulty that has plenty of armored mobs.

Unchained can have things like “reduce x% ranged damage and reduce x% friendly fire” or " melee hits have a 5% chance to build ult" that way unchained may increase the direction to go melee more and may even have people choose the “5% attack speed” as a talent as it seems very unpopular.

I know the suggestions might not be in favor for some but I would prefer the characters having more unique flavor to them. Too many skills have similarities, sienna’s firewalk, hand maiden charge and kruber charge. Of course, I love it when characters have unique talents on their own like “prize bounty” for BH because if you want that talent you have to use that character even though the game could have given it to waystarlker, huntsman and range heavy classes. Just working on numbers isn’t going to make characters balance that is all I am saying.

I think it goes both ways. If characters are picking one type of character over another, not only is it that the alternative choice is not appealing to users, but also that the enemy composition makes said choices favorable. So while it is very possible to make each character unique, I think the same should also be done to the enemies, in particular the special enemies, so that each build, in its own way, is useful while also having some form of potentially hard counter.

The randomness that the AI director offers essentially means that picking your favorite class doesn’t guarantee success, or picking the one that is the latest “meta” doesn’t really work either if the enemy roster is both random and also threatening. Since something to consider is that while the player characters have been improved upon, the enemy special cast hasn’t really seen similar improvements to match the heroes as they are now except in the form of new characters.

IE: Let Ratling Gunners tread slowly while shooting, Packmaster can have an entourage of beasts or offer an AoE-like “inspiring” buff to any nearby Skaven, stuff of that sort to go alongside the heroes as they are now/will be.

I mean, these are two ways, along with yours, that pretty much, imo, are both unbalanced but yet fun and still functional.

Correct point, bad example, shade needs to be able to be built to support the team from the proper melee frontlines or be as effective of a flanker as (ironically) Handmaiden (who can flank like a god, but is then stuck using charge glaive attacks realistically) in the example.

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