Item listed disappeared from Melk's shop

I had started to use the chrome add on that shows listed items for both shops. It had shown a Purge staff listed at Melk’s on my Psyker. I had taken a look and seen that it was around 2830 and i would have just enough to buy it when i completed my contracts for this week. Once i finished i went to buy it and it is no longer listed.

To clarify i had seen it listed on the DT Dashboard and then personally checked the shop on my character and verified it was there. Now it no longer shows the previously listed item. This was on the 18th on Jan so it wasn’t around the weekly reset.

We (Fatshark) cannot verify the accuracy of the browser add-on, as it is completely unofficial. I appreciate that you also checked in-game, so I did some asking around. It is my understanding that Sire Melk’s shop resets daily, not weekly, and must have happened between checking his inventory and finishing your contracts. The contracts themselves reset weekly, so perhaps there might have been some confusion there regarding the timers.