Is there a mod for fire effects?

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The fire and soulblaze effects are extremly blinding for me… to a point where I try to avoid playing with psykers that use purgatus staff (which is pretty much every psyker).
Does anyone know if there is a way to tone that down?
Usually there is a mod for pretty much everything wrong but I can’t seem to find one for that.
Also it doesn’t seem to matter how I change my settings the results are always the same.


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Apparently soulblaze is being toned down in the next patch. Not sure about general fire/psyker effects, though I agree, they can definitely use a hosing down.

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you can ask for mods in the discord about darktide modders (mod-requests channel)

I would love also a mod that would reduce the pain for the eyes of these fires. I am not against flames, but the blue flames are horribles
I would not want they disappear… just a little less flashy blue.
from what I see, it has been requested at least once. Someone has also asked a mod to change psyker powers color (an idea that I think very fun)


Just got to find what the flame effects are and remove them

Be careful with turning down the particles in the config file as it can remove the floor fire effects.

That and the strobing effects for other weapons like the power swords can lead to serious eye strain, nausea and worse.
I had a really bad episode one day myself from 2 psyker, a flamer and power sword strobe effect, and I’ve had to resort to not properly calibrating the brightness in-game to try to reduce the contrast.

It’s been requested a few times on mod discord, I suspect it’s not a simple mod fix for the most part.
There were also other threads here in the feedback section and I know an FS team member said he bumped up the issue priority in the issue DB.

There was even a hotfix not too long ago to revert the spell FX they had changed in a patch as it made it worse for many people.

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