Is there a known sound glitch related to SotT?

I recently broke out my SotT for the first time in ages and my sound got all screwy. Voices sounding like they are under water, no gun/range noises it was odd. Is this a known issue and is there some way i can avoid it?

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Issues of this nature are usually a result of your ‘Default Format’ or audio channels being misconfigured. Please have a look at:

@FatsharkJulia while i thank you dearly for the speedy responce i dont play on PC…i play on xbox one. Am i in the wrong area?

Oh! No, my bad! That’s really odd, we usually see these issues on PC. I’ll see if our QA department can look in to this.

I…do have it on video…if that is helpfull in any way. I was streaming your game for a few friends on twitch for a couple hours when it happened…the stream is quite long though…

Do you have a link to the recording? :slight_smile:

Uhhh yes, as i said it is a twitch stream so i am sorry for the chat and such. I wouldent dream of making you watch 3 hours of game play. At 2hours 36 minutes of gameplay i start a quick match, have to switch off Sister join and Engi and quickly die. At 2hours 40 i am revived and the sound messes up from there and persists for the rest of the stream

I am sorry for posting my personal twitch it is where the video is posted.

Edit: the direct video link failed so here is tje channel? It is today’s stream from a lil bit ago

Edit 2: i will email the link because i cant seem to post it here

Got the link! Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank heavens, i am dreadfully sorry for all this confusion on my part.

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