Is the Dev Blog currently in the hands of GW?

The fact that so many people complain about this level of delay shows how bad Fat Shark’s communication is.
If they usually communicate in good faith, no one would care about a little delay.

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Its funny, I never did think to look at what they made before V1. I have Krater in my steam library already :sweat_smile:

compliant with GW’s requirements and canon to the setting are not the same thing. this game isn’t officially canon unless GW makes an official declaration as such. the official rule books are official GW releases, darktide is not officially released by GW, it’s a licanced property.

they make this distinction at games workshop so they can get more licancing money, which they like.

i guess the tranquil silence is over :expressionless:

That’s the thing. All communication from a corporation is based on trust. On the expectations that a given developer will follow through.

Fatshark has comprehensively taken a sledgehammer to that trust. People don’t normally scrutinize statements with lawyery precision or act like a week’s delay in something is unforgiveable - that only happens when you’ve spent a long time failing hard to meet basic standards.

Fatshark needs to rebuild trust, and I don’t think its capable of doing so, because the actions required are basically ‘make content and comms fast and on time’ and they rarely achieve either.


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