Is the blunderbuss garbage

Just kind of feels like apples and oranges at this point.

As far as dlc weapon comparisons go, I don’t think trollpedo or coruscation is the power level any vanilla weapons should be. That’s what confuses me.

Even blocking with a ranged weapon, I just don’t think that’s something a blunderbuss should do with Kruber’s melee arsenal. Just seems uncharacteristic.


Because the game moves away from the vanilla weapons and they end up left behind, and eventually no one wants to use the old. And they don’t meaningfully change what else fell behind in the meantime. Though these same ‘balance changes’ only ever want to reduce the variety in the game anyway. See the repeater pistol and the hagbane. qq about difficulty one minute and then excuse a weapon because it’s DLC so fat shark allowed you to buy something never worth grabbing a vanilla weapon again.

Everything else is more ‘well I have some consensus knowledge I can’t actually express in any written form or gameplay but you’re wrong’ so whatever. Huntsman is better DPS than SoTT, only in this topic. I don’t think I’m the one who needs to justify anything after that doozy.

I just think a lot of this thread is hyperbole.

“Blunderbuss can’t deal with armour or hookrats” It certainly deals with them better than Griffon-Foot. Stuff like that can be misleading.
(It’s possible to point blank one shot them even in cata, same goes for SV)

The only changes I’d like to see:

  • Bash improvements (For shotguns as a whole)
  • A fixed spread pattern / centre pellet (For shotguns as a whole)
  • Boss DPS improvements (For Shotguns as a whole)

They could revert Scrounger to 2 ammo, Merc and Engineer could for sure squeeze more out of shotguns with their crit talents. But it would affect other ranged weapons.

Maybe they could drop the reload from 1.5 to 1.3 or 1.2 but it would certainly tip Bluntsman even further over the edge.

Scoreboard screenshots can misrepresent things but buffing Blunderbuss would only buff Bluntsman even further, which is kinda unnecessary.


Correct. Playing shotgun is like using a coruscation staff with a broken right mouse button, trading more shots for lack of cleave.

What’s interesting is that the right mouse button adds significant monster damage if you stack circles, so now you have a shotgun with monster damage, among other features.

I’ve used the right click tons on the griffon foot pistols so far to finish off weakened enemies to trigger blessed combat and salvaged ammo. Aside from this and when you could farm ammo with scrounger this attack has never had a use whatsoever. Maybe if it could push and block they could add a push attack where you do a strike with the butt of the gun and gives you some AP single target possibility.


Blunderbuss is a better coruscation staff with a left click that does way more horde clear and DPS and has a more defensive right click

It’s interesting because you have a staff that’s actually a gun you can melee with and get thp from

Well I hope thats an intended change because i see this as an absolute win.

I have no idea what’s intended anymore, but it worked in this last game I ran.

I see bashes counting for melee triggers as a welcome tradeoff for no longer triggering the traits that require ranged attacks. You can get considerable health returns on Bardin and Kruber shotguns.

It’s quite good on Zealot. I did my first Deathwish Onslaught Cata 1 true solo as Zealot with Griffon-foot just recently.

It can do this currently with some investment. It takes 15% power for Packmasters, 15% for SV and 30% for Bestigors. These breakpoints can be reached with Enhanced Power + One in the Eye + 10% vs Chaos on Huntsman. FK can reach them with Have At Thee (which can be activated by a ranged attack staggering an elite) + Comrades in Arms + Enhanced Power (EP is higher effective dps than Mainstay in most cases so it’s already FK’s best option on the stagger talent row). Merc reaches them very easily with 2 stacks of MtM + Reikland Reaper + 10% vs Chaos.

Most of Kruber’s melee weapons deal with shields poorly, so the Blunderbuss does have some use on them. I’ll admit it’s more limiting on Merc and FK because of their lower mobility.

There are usually large time gaps between balance passes. Fatshark is often slow.

Ranged horde clearing, even if it’s something I find to be boring, is useful, especially when it also breaks shields. It alleviates horde pressure off of others at close to medium range immediately and prevents hordes building up too much. It’s not useful in a team on Cata that can already manage hordes easily, but that just means a team should be moving up in difficulty because 90% of what the game is, horde fighting, is proving to be too easy for them on Cata. I recommend modded.

If the Blunderbuss were to be buffed in utility, its raw horde dps would have to be nerfed somewhat, likely its cleave. That would be fine by me. More specifically, in exchange for some cleave it could have what you’ve already mentioned, and/or other things like better mid-range damage, mobility etc. These changes would make the weapon less one-dimensional. Some players might not like that. I don’t know what the consensus is on these ideas.

This would make them a lot more reliable for CS which would be fair enough I think.


I was not aware of the change that allows the right click to generate THP. That’s new.

Putting that aside for the moment, horde clear is a function of density, as people in this thread have noted, and you’re giving up most of your ability to get specials to get it. On the coruscation staff, you give up nothing - you get the horde clear, and you still can kill a lot of specials and smash zerks.

Returning to THP, who cares? Kruber’s classes have no problem whatsoever with THP…another means to get more is redundant.

Man, if you’re trying to tell me you want blunderbuss to be a magical weapon with a boss nuking alt-fire then my response is no.

If people feel it’s overly effective in the super density that doesn’t exist in the regular game until like hordes+ cata chaos wastes or weaves and it needs a nerf there in order to justify a buff to feel like a viable pick for the QP the majority of the community is doing sure. Again only a small minority would even notice the change in effectiveness here. What makes it and guns like it see no play time is because having something that can deal with hordes well is fine and dandy but having potentially nothing for specials is not. Nor should this ever be part of the game design, it’s a co op game not a freeloading let’s dump the necessary tasks onto a couple players instead of tackling them evenly like should always be the intent. Divide and conquer style gameplay is part of the bigger issue in the balance right now and doubling down on it would only make it worse.

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I realize you’re a newer player. But no one wants to spam handgun or repeater because they’re single target weapons. Before WoM, blunderbuss bash returned ammo using scrounger for each enemy hit. Due to this interaction, any class that could run a shotgun (IB, FK, Merc) would just run around r-bashing and shooting the shotgun. That’s because the weapons are very strong if you can sustain ammo. Perhaps you just need someone to show you how to use the weapons correctly.

I did acknowledge the scrounger bash was a thing and I don’t remember advocating for it coming back. The repeater M2 was also only for mag dumping close range and not plinking cross the map and the handgun only had 12 rounds and no cleave. You can tell the rest of the story too. And there isn’t much to shotguns besides walking around and blasting them into hordes, which I point out the Griffon Foot also does while also providing his own ammo sustain (since any team support argument with a grudge Bardin taking all of his is to do the same is gone) and is better at the same targets I’m hearing the Blunder and Grudge are being picked for in the first place. Without giving any support with heavy armor or specials/bosses up either as BH. And then it just goes back around in a circle where those guns are not meant to be there and Fat Shark is ruining your vision of their game. I haven’t even seen anything else in the thread yet so I won’t bother quoting you so you can throw out more comments about skill and then at the same time disqualify my opinion for pointing out a better alternative. You’re not even arguing in good faith anymore and most people have admitted freely its a terribly lacking gun outside Huntsman which means its a badly designed weapon at present since it isn’t the range weapon exclusive to him and the other Krubers only get 3 choices period. The Griffon Foot also plays well on all Saltzpyres so how the better designed weapon is the problem is anyone’s guess.


What’s so terribly lacking about it?

Range :sunglasses:

Not having the range that makes its increased damage relevant or the reload time/free shot every 2 hits after the first activation on Huntsman. If there were cause to bother with it on the others I wouldn’t care. Clearly increasing the ammo wouldn’t make it any more or less infinite on Huntsman. Engineer could run grudge with scavenged shot but it’s gone now.

So just a thought - according to a random warhammer wiki, the blunderbuss is noteworthy for using anything for shot - nails, rocks, etc.

How about letting people refill it with “R” similar in mechanic (but not animation) to hand axe? Don’t touch anything else, just make it so “R” refills, and see if the increased ammo sustain is enough to make it a more common pick on legend.

I don’t think this will be that big of a deal in pre-mades, nor will it change bluntsman much (who’s already built for sustain). It just makes it more viable on lower levels with the other two careers.


Infinite ammo would be too much. But nails and stuff makes me think that out of all the shotguns it seems the best candidate for having a bleed after-effect - having nails ripping through you seems pretty nasty. Might help it kill specials and Stormvermin better if the first blast didn’t do it.

Just throwing that out there; I rarely use blunder so I have no idea if it’s in a state where it needs a buff.

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