Is the beta over or what?

I don’t mean to be annoying, but it’s been 6 days since we had a patch. With glaring issues still present such as the state of huntsman and numerous weapons having damage profiles inconsistent with the original patch notes, I’m getting a little bit ancy. Plus with all the great ideas floating around (bounty hunter 3.0 post and the post suggesting to give stab attacks high cleave) I just don’t want anything to go to waste. I honestly don’t care how long the beta goes on as long as these things are addressed.


I think Fatshark went on vacation, I vaguely remember there being a notice posted somewhere saying they wouldn’t be available for a while soon.

Holidays in sweden …


wasnt that like two weeks ago though? i remember the forum having a banner that said something about one or two weeks of holiday, but right after they started the BBB. always figured it was a skeleton crew still at work that handled the BBB.

I guess it takes a little while with all the reported bugs and ideas. That stuff has to be coded, and then tested internally before they update the BBB further.

If it were over, then they would’ve made an official statement. Give it a couple of days.

sorry didnt know about the holiday

Edit: I just looked it up: swedes take all of july off. Sorry for my ignorance

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I just hope they don’t end this and go live on the first of September or something. There were fairly frequent updates and tweaks up to the 22nd, now silence.


tbh I’m ok with them having left things to mellow out for a time

we’ve had a week now to properly familiarize ourselves with things and get our thoughts/feedback in order

now it’s just a matter of Fatshark going through it all once they’re off holiday and formulating a patch accordingly


There’s no rush.


It just reminds me a lot of the WoM beta where they went on vacation and pushed it live without really looking at feedback. I’m sure they aren’t going to do that again though.


I would 100% agree if there weren’t still a concerning number of patch notes that don’t seem to have gone through. I don’t think there’s really a good excuse for why these weren’t fixed before leaving things for a while. To push through extreme, and as it turns out rather unpopular HS changes?

They could really do to focus a little more on fixing announced changes before moving on to new ones is all I’m saying.

Edit: I cry for my boi the 1h sword and weapon swap buff that’s been bugged badly since start of beta.


yeah I agree it is a little concerning when it comes to stuff like Elf Spear being bugged since beta start


Like, on one hand a whole studio is having a well-deserved rest after doing some hard work on an existing game plus running development on a new one, in conjunction of it being a nation-wide tradition.
On the other hand I have to wait a few days to get a dopamine hit from reading patchnotes for two minutes.
I think this is unacceptable//.


I’m only worried that they allotted a set time-frame for this beta, and will launch it at its end no matter what. If they’ll launch when it’s ready, then there truly is no rush, but I’m not sure this is the case.


I’m a little worried about that too.

Well I mean it’s the end of July now, have I missed the Devs say somewhere it’s gonna be extended further? I assume so by all the people saying there’s no rush.


I’m just amazed they announced this big ass balance patch during the same month they aren’t even working.

I mean, would have any single person here mind if this happened during august instead of july?

I can’t imagine schedulling a rather important project at my workplace for the month where most of the workforce is not even working.

I assume there’s like a skeleton team working on the BBB but I simply don’t understand why they are doing it like this.

I also share the same concern OP shows, I’m affraid they are going to push the update live way too soon, the same way it happened with WoM.


It is nonsense, yes, but only for important projects. Kinda goes to show how ‘important’ balancing of VT2 is to FS.


They just announced it will end in a week.
At least they nerfed Huntsman and fixed the weapon bugs before launch.

Where? not doubting you, legit asking to read it myself because I always have huge issues finding where fatshark communicates.

EDIT: Read it… well, imo the patch is not ready to be pushed live, and again, as feared in this post, the whole proccess ocurred with them on vacation. idk, this is ridiculous in my opinion.

We’ve had two weeks with a decent ammount of patching, then a week of absolute and complete silence, and NOW we actually get things we should have been testing since the beginning of the beta
but were bugged, at the same time they announce the beta is basically over.

Lol a single week longer to get this all in order.

Yeah that’s a terrible idea and it looks like we’re getting the balance severely half-assed once again. I guess it depends on the patch frequency from here, but unless the pace or size of patches increases considerably from what we’ve had I just don’t see how a week could possibly be enough. The patch we just had broke more stuff and didn’t do anything about the various other broken or bugged talents.

If they don’t fix some of what they DID to BH before this ends I… don’t even know. His pick rate is going down further after this for sure if no further tweaks are made.


Yeah that’s a terrible idea and it looks like we’re getting the balance severely half-assed once again.

Called it.

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