Is it possible to roll vs Armour/Monster/Berserker on Executioner?

As title.

I’ve rolled about 200 times and haven’t seen any of those 3 ever.

You cannot. Only power vs skaven/chaos on melee. Ranged gets more power vs options. There is a V2 wiki that has all property possibilities for all gear if you Google it.

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To save a few moments, just because I happen to have it still open from aiding with the beta discussions:

But yeah, as they said, only the racial Power modifiers exist in melee weapons, the armor classes are reserved for ranged and Charm. Beyond that, few others are also restricted (aside from the ones that sensibly cannot apply beyond their category).

You can only roll one power vs property and it’s limited by race for melee.

So, in short, you can only have one of the following on your melee weapon:

power vs. chaos


power vs. skaven

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