Is BBB ending without solving some fundamental issues?

While the BBB was an amazing “initiative” to shake things up, I am a bit worried that it’s goals might not be achieved.

A lot of weapon still have a lot of core issues. Those issues might not show on Legend difficulty, but they immediately become apparent on Cataclysm.

Those issues mainly being lack of AP or twisted/subpar movesets.

For example, lets take the elven spear. A fine weapon for Legend. The fact that 2/3 light attacks hit off-mark is extremely frustrating and reeks of… Unwillingness to examine the deeper issues with said weapon. Turning the dmg revert into a baidaid fix.

Same goes for some other weapons that got gutted (Billhook/Xsword/DD), except on the exact careers they were getting abused on. Making those weapons effectively “meh” on the other careers.

I understand Darktide is draining a lot of resources (which was the only reasonable explanation for the slow trickle of content for VT2), but it saddens me to see so little when so much could be done.

This beta could have been the occasion to go wild with tweaks! Alass…


I dont think its possible for them to address every ballance issue we have in one pass like this- its promising that the closing statements on the latest patch bring this up and I hope they can follow up on the suggestion of making the BBB a reccuring and regular event.

The game had ballance issues before, now its got new ones(fewer though, in my opinion). In the meantime we will just enjoy a new meta and hope that each new pass reduces the issues bit by bit.

Videogame ballance is an unending nightmare…


Chaos Wastes can go suck it if this is the price. 2 more weeks is the absolute bare minimum needed to do a decent job of this. Hopefully if we kick up enough of a fuss we can convince them to do what’s best for themselves and us.

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Honestly, I don’t think we’re in that bad of a place.
Things are definitely better than they were prior to this BBB.

I’m curious to think what fundamental issues you guys are talking about.

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Videogame ballance is an unending nightmare…

I agree, but a bit of sledge hammering is ok on a BBB.
Some thing like animations could have gotten another pass :l

Yeah they’re better, mostly, but look at the volume of excellent ideas here. They haven’t covered even a fraction of what could be done.

Again though, I’m biased, because it’s starting to look like they think they’re done with BH, and as far as I’m concerned they’ve just ruined him, introduced some very buggy, unappealing talents, and I don’t see myself continuing to enjoy playing him much. They almost gave him a valid option with volley, but then they ruined it because a bunch of legend players with no data or evidence had a cry about it stealing kills from them (then someone came in showing actual data on its horde kill rate and it’s pretty undebateable now that’s it’s gutted).

RV got a bunch of small, largely unimpactful changes, none of which address his core issues of RNG and inconsistency, despite endless threads filled with excellent ideas.

There’s heaps more, but I’m not gonna write an essay summarising all the things that are already in this forum. I will add though that I think a lot of us were hoping they’d use this time to look at a few other issues like weapon traits and such, though personally I’m mostly just annoyed they’re not even going to have properly dealt with the few classes they did address.

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