Is anyone else concerned about the official launch?

From the frequent crashes that seem to happen near the end of missions without loading back into that mission to get money and xp, to the extremely basic shop with no other way to get upgrades, missions that rarely offer any loot, to the mission difficulty not really being rewarding to do, to the differently mission types that seem to take much longer than just chaining assassination missions back to back, lack of innovation as far as what we can do. So far, its just the same old run to the mission board and start mission, no crafting, to the lack of communication from the Dev Team about Week 2 info…
I could go on, but what I’ve stated so far already sounds like a hissy fit, but it’s all concerning. This feels like an alpha experience, not a week away from launch experience.
I haven’t played any past betas, but is the launch beta missing a lot?


I am concerned about if they will ever fix this stuff, but Ive already written off this release as terrible.

There is no way they are fixing all the problems, or even half of them in under 2 weeks. Developers have lives and they don’t have thousands of them to put in the work required

This early access to the release candidate they have going on now has staggered content release, which means all the stuff they are going to be adding in over the next two weeks has even less time to be tested and fixed. Considering the state of everything that was in the game when the early access started, I can see all this other stuff being just as buggy as the rest

Its up to the devs to gain my confidence in them, as they haven’t earned it yet

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