Ironbreaker's Tunnel Fighter talent's design

So, the Beta implementation of Tunnel Fighter was undone because it led to a horrendous change in how Ironbreakers had to play in order to get the most benefit out of the talent. I can wholeheartedly understand that, but instead of going back to a boring, static seconds reduction, I’d rather explore the beta’s venue of the talent a bit further.

Because, in the way the pre-beta/current patch version of tunnel fighter works (static reduction to Gromril’s passive - in the current patch’s case, a 10 second reduction), by the time the exact number gets buffed to the point where it is actually useful when in comparison to the other options, it’ll be too strong. Anything before that, and it’s both useless and boring.

However, the idea of an end goal of 5 second cooldown gromril, but you have to work and build up to it through gameplay, sounds very interesting, fun and strong without being OP. Because the end result is really strong, but for most of the match you won’t be there, so it balances out. That’s good design imo.

SO, I suggest going back to the idea of “If you do X, it reduces the cooldown of Gromril Armor by Y seconds, to a minimum cooldown of 5 seconds”. So what can that be?
Well, there’s the classic “For every elite/special killed”, which many other classes use. However, those classes tend to be, well, elite/special killers, it wouldn’t mesh well with Ironbreaker’s role, I think.

Perhaps something like “For every elite enemy staggered (that you haven’t already staggered)”, or “Every time you rescue or revive a disabled ally” (that doesn’t happen very often, even in legend, though, so it’d have to be a rather big CDR for every time it happens…)
Things of that nature! Actions that reward the Ironbreaker for being a good ironbreaker. I really, really liked the idea of building up the cooldown of gromril until it’s 5 seconds, it seemed like a proper, fun talent, so I really wanna explore ways in we can have that kind of talent again.

ASIDE FROM THAT, one issue I noticed with the first beta iteration of Tunnel Fighter is that there was no quick way to tell at what stage of cooldown you were. I’d suggest making it so every 5 seconds of cooldown reduction, the color of the gromril armor passive changes.

So, for example, if the cooldown is higher than 15 seconds, the icon is the default gromril armor icon:
If it’s higher than 10 seconds but not higher than 15 seconds, the icon changes color:
If it’s higher than 5 seconds but not higher than 10 seconds, the icon changes color again (don’t have an example pic, maybe purple or something)
And if it’s exactly 5 seconds, it changes color again to the final color. Idk, red.

Or maybe not the color, maybe just change the details/design (maybe the glow around the IB becomes more intense with each step)
But either way, point is, every 5 seconds of CDR, we get a new icon to signify it or something, just to make it easier to tell how much we’ve progressed in it.

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Heres an idea: reduce cooldown of Gromril Armour by 1 second for every minute Bardin has the armour on. That would actually promote more careful play if the player wants to gain benefits for the final event or something.


The problem with Tunnel Fighter isnt that it would be a bad Talent, even in the live patch, it just needs to battle against Gromnil Curse, which is one of the best designed and effective Talents in the game. The amount of value the reduced CD would have to offer is consequently high, so high that it borders invincibility.

I would just rework that Talent to something else, that offers more value with less potential god mode.

I agree, that’s precisely the point I’m making in the OP. However, I think that the 5 second Cooldown for gromril armor that the first iteration of the beta patch aimed for is strong enough to make the talent be a solid choice in competition with Gromril Curse (borders on invincibility, as you said), while the fact that you have to work for it and slowly build it up throughout the level makes it balanced.

Which is why I want to discuss options for bringing that style of Tunnel Fighter back, while keeping with the identity of Ironbreaker, and making it a slow yet steady progress that makes it balanced.

That’s an option, aye! I don’t think 1 minute = 1 second works enough, though? You’d need a full 15 minutes of not taking damage to finally get the buff to the final 5 seconds of cooldown, that seems a little harsh.
But, the numbers can be tweaked, I like the core idea.

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