Ironbreaker cosmetics

Hello Fatshark!

I would like to ask you about Ironbreaker cosmetics - every cosmetic in this game doesn’t fit even classic ironbreaker armor - golden elements of the helmets are too bright, they doesn’t fit golden elements of the armor… the only helmet in the game that fits is classic ironbreaker helmet. Whatsmore the tragedy starts when you want to use some IB armor cosmetic - red/black/pink armors with silver helmets are just unplayable :frowning:
Is there any chance that you will fix Ironbreakers cosmetics to fit at least standard version of IB armor, please?

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This have been asked a lot. Usually we get the same answer, fixing cosmetics are in their backlog but they plan on doin some changes to make helmets match body cosmetics. Atleast now we got Premium IB set that has matching helmet and body. This always annoyed me, whats the point of making body cosmetic all kind of colours, black, red, orange, brown or w/e is there when all of the hats are in default career colours ?

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