Intensely dislike the force sword needs warp energy to pushback

Some features really should be baseline, and the shove is one of them. Please remove the peril cost from the shove if you anyone in fatshark reading this-I don’t really see how it’s better from my uses (I always thought it was just a ‘fluffy’ version of the shove to begin with) but coming off other classes, the muscle memory to automatically shove when you’re overwhelmed is a deathtrap, and it doesn’t even seem to be as good at it anyway.

I feel like the weapon needs a rework.

Outside of the perk that lets it block bullets, and that only working with the peril getting used before stamina, what makes it different?

You have to use a resource to use its special, and it’s special doesnt seem to be different from the other chainswords. It is really dangerous to use to take out elites while in hordes and its general horde clear is really bad.

Can anyone tell me why it requires a resource but doesn’t seem to do anything any better than the other similar weapons that dont cost a resource?

You can argue it arrives earlier than a chainsword so it’s ‘balanced’ that way, or perhaps it does more power-the charge aspect I’m not too bothered by, I see that as a clear “If you want to murderise that specific enemy, pay some peril” which can synch with traits.

The shove though? that sort of thing should really be a baseline ability no matter the reskin.

Ok now hold on. The force sword is quite good in fact the best melee weapon against ogryn or anything really if you get used to its quirks.

If you land a heavy special attack headshot you can 100% reliably two shot ogryn on difficulty 3. It takes a little less than half hp from a armored ogryn on difficulty 5.

ALWAYS use a heavy attack with your special bc it will one shot anything other than an ogryn and the first heavy is an overhead chop so you are less likely to hit trash mobs instead of your target.

The push does not cost peril, only the push attack does and it is required to use the talent that increases force sword damage with peril level.

If the force sword could use any changes, it should

-remove the 2nd heavy(awkward to use diagonal slice)

-increase the push distance on the push attack(I generally just use the push now bc the push attack isn’t worth it unless I want to increase my peril)

-make the special a much faster attack animation, it doesn’t need to stick to the enemy, it should just slice and pop the head.