Inconsistent collision

Dear Devs,

Collision is rather inconsistent, both between the heroes and the enemies. In V1, collision was straightforward, you could walk through your hero buddies, but bumped into the ratties.

However, in V2, this is rather inconsistent. Both friends and enemies now have collision, but not all the time. I can bump into my companion while moving around in combat, but a second later, I can pass through. This is annoying, because I do not know when I will be colliding with them and when I will pass through.

Same with ratties, I collide with them normally most of the time, but they often phase through me, usually when staggered or in the middle of the lunge animation (when I backpedal, stop, rat goes into lunge, I move forward and our bodies intermingle… disgusting bodily experience). This is especially annoying because this means that my attack that would kill it also phases through and since the enemy is now behind me, I get backstabbed.

Personally, I’d prefer to get back V1’s version of collision (no friendly, just enemies), but if friendly collision is important, then make it permanent. This “mostly we collide, but sometimes we don’t” is the worst of both worlds.

(I hope I’m not the only one to come across this inconsistency and this is not some kind of weird bug that only affects me.)


are you playing with lag? or does this also happen in hosted games?

Haven’t had the opportunity to test this in a hosted game. However, I didn’t suffer from lag or high latency in the games where these inconsistencies happened. Which is all of them.

try it out in a solo hosted game and see if the issue persists. if everything goes smoothly, you’ll know it has something to do with latency. even a small spike of 100-200ping in 1 second can cause artifacts like this from happening, while playing with someone else as host

This also happens in hosted games. I only host. Something changed from VT1 where when another player staggers a rat its invulnerable to your hits, and when something lunges towards one of your teammates it can pass through you.

Ive not had inconsistencies with friendly collision yet though. You always push your teammates a bit when you get to close to them.

wow that sucks. i hope things can get settled for you.

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