Inconsistencies in the BBB version

I am aware this is a beta but I am just checking if I am crazy or has this version got some fair amount of inconsistencies?
Backstab sounds don’t seem to be working at all
Enemies aren’t staggered sometimes by stagger ults
Enemies one-shotting you while on full HP
Aggro switching without any notification
Assassins leaping at you while not facing you

Is what I experienced so far and it’s abit frustrating to be honest that these things that have been fixed in the live version plague the beta again.

Seems they roled back on the game version for this beta what’s going on?

This has always been my experience on live too. Alot of these problems are actually caused by packet loss. I don’t know why but this game seems much more vulnerable to it than other multiplayer games. I play on my friends host who lives in China and the packet loss is intense. Yet if he hosts a game on deep rock galactic (another 4player pve horde action game) the packet loss is much less significant.

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