"Incomplete" Grail Knight Quests acquired by subsequent team that plays heroes

Issue Type (Required):

Player Mechanics

Issue Description (Required):

“incomplete” grail knight quests are acquired by the other team who play as the heroes, in the attached image we killed the enemy team as the rats so quickly that they didn’t have time to complete the quests, then in addition to the quests from our own grail knight we got the enemy team’s quests (total = 6 quests)

Whether they all actually provide a buff or don’t, I don’t know
Nor how consistent it is, I just see it on the rare occasion and I can only guess as I couldn’t ask the enemy Grail Knight if the quests he didn’t do are the ones I got, etc, but I have seen the gained amount range from 1-3 quests

Steps to Reproduce (Required):

1 When playing as Skaven, kill enemy team with a grail knight before they can complete any quests
2 When it is your turn to play the heroes, you get the unfinished quests + your own quests, if any

Reproduction Rate (Required):

Unusual (<25%)

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