In part 1 of each Weave, spot spawns 2x,3x enemy

i am not sure what it triggers but as checking my video and others,
i found that if you stay spot that spwans enemy, spot will spawn more same set again and again.
for example, if some spot spawns 8 maulers, it should be once only but it will spawns 1~2 times more when you stay the spot

What do you exactly mean by “stay the spot” ? Because i also think there are some spawns issues, the other day i was playing weave 61 in duo, we did it 3-4 times and sometimes the ennemies spawn where completly different same for specials, one time we got 2 hookrats+2assassins the other game we got 1 hookrat+1assassin in the exact same spot in the map!

Spot means the place that spawns enemy(ex. plague monk + 1~2ass) when you reach it first time.
I am not sure all spawn place have this problem.
But i found that at least festering ground tile set and engines of war tile set are highly reproduce this problem.
if you don’t go back and also can’t go forth because there is enemy, then same enemy setting will be spawn again

It would be appreciated if you could upload a screen recording of this.

Time Line

06:00 ~ : 12 maulers spawn first time
06:30 ~ : 12 maulers spawn again

additional bug - I only experienced this bug on Azyr Weave 4 times
time line
01:30 ~ :
My game is stopped for 3~4s but enemy and other player can move.
After 3s~4s, i can move again but likely i am dead

Is there any plan to remove 30% damage up to enemy each weave?

On Weave 108, slave rat can deal more than 210 even if there are many enemy who are targeting you.

I want to you see this and change things…

Also, i love to see archmage portrait 80-120 to 80-100

my friends want to get it but playing 40 weave on cata 3 is too hard for them

i want to help them but…

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