In-game stats & achievements

First of all, I’d like to have in-game stats. For no particular reason,but it would be nice to see how many kills you have,how many special and elite kills,how much damage done to bosses & boss last hits, amount of health healed,amount of temp hp accumulated …all that and more. Being able to check your game history of the past 5-10 games would be nice as well.

Second, I think we could use some in-game achievements(outside of steam) for which we could earn portrait frames or something like that. Achievements like “Rat genocidestest” for killing 53,596 enemies total or “devoured” for dying in downed state 1000 times- achievements that would take ages to grind,so only the dumbest achievement junkies would actively grind them.

Something that would be more of a reward for playing for a long time.

just a thought.

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