In-game chat message: "trying to hook function or method that doesn't exist"

So I logged into the game today for the first time after updating with the Chaos Wastes expansion and I saw this message in the chat. No idea what it means but it looks like debug output from testing?

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It says that your “Notice Key Pickup” Mod has issues with the new update. Nothing critical as far as I know. Didn’t cause crashes for me

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I turned off logging a long time ago because of the spam in chatbox and the oversized log files it produced on the drive.
This is no big deal though, it looks like the mod is trying to ask the game for info and the function it’s calling doesn’t exist in the keep, only in maps.

I haven’t seen that bug with the current version of the game and Notice Key Pickup. I, however, remember that error message from a June 2020 bug (now fixed) of Notice Key Pickup:

Fatshark_Calavera: The mod hooks into the load_level function but didn’t take into account the possibility of new parameters being added, in this case environment_id. Goes to show that the interactions between mods and the base game can be quite complex!

I believe the author of the mod (NonzeroGeoduck7) is working on it and on the Fatshark end of things we’re keeping track of it so we can put it on fast track and re-sanction the update ASAP.

That bug should’ve been fixed in the current version of Notice Key Pickup. I’d unsubscribe and then resubscribe to the mod in its Workshop page to make sure that it has been updated.

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Thanks for all the helpful replies.
As it’s another mod-related issue I’ll try/wait for the fixed version.

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