Improved moves and attacks

I don’t really care what you say. It’s amusing though. Hugs.

Pointing out that your proposed kicking mechanic is redundant is completely unrelated to any kind of “git gud” argument. Introducing more functions / buttons - especially if their function is redundant - won’t increase the skill cap, and will only introduce glitches, jank, and a metric fückton of work for the devs, with no gain whatsoever. Also, I think a more reasonable argument could be made that winning with less options takes more skill, but whatever. And I’m really curious how you’re going to argue that us being against your magic hangtime mechanic is due to us being less skilled players than you.

You seem to start getting really prissy about nobody agreeing with you and getting into ad-hominems without actually engaging any of our arguments, so I’m also pretty much done with this “discussion” here. Feel free to reply with some childish “hugs” comment or whatever to convince yourself that you are the cool superior mind here, if that helps with making you cope about FS never introducing any of these half-baked ideas into the game.


If you don’t see how the kick can be useful, thats fine. I see it can be useful and i made my arguments before, not going to waste time writing them again.

I hope fatshark consider trying it if they haven’t already, only they can do it and evaluate it, so our opinions doesn’t matter anymore.

I hope FS won’t ever look at that, its such massive waste of time reading this. I would just say stuff that were already said but ehh it wont help


You all like each other so much. I think you should meet up in real life, sparks might happend.

There’s a broad consensus here that your suggestions are flawed. Could be that we’re all just a big circlejerk against you, off course. Or, you know, could be that your ideas are just flawed. One of the two, in any case. Probably the circlejerk though, or else you’d have to admit you might be wrong. And that can’t be it, right?


How can I be wrong on a subjective matter?

There are propositions that are worthwhile or even some that generate quite an enthusiastic response. Yours didn’t, sadly for you. There is also the point that what you propose would necessitate a total rework, and when we gave possible way to have some of it, you started rebuking and refusing any consetions.

There are propositions that I have made that aren’t popular, but I wasn’t an insufferable a## while explaining it, be it for a future game, future weapons (From the simpler to the more difficult), future enemies (You can search mine and Slayerkin’s thread), and we based all of our propositions on the existing lore (Which you will have to admit, you haven’t done at all)


Actually Arthadaw, i like you. You seem original and fun to be honest. Keep it up.

I guess this is the 7th grade level of discussion we’ll get with @RealMjau - everything has to come down to liking/disliking people. Even when you’re on an anonimous forum on the Internet. What can I say? - Come back when you’re older?


Guys, I don’t want to be rude, but you are turning this thread into a siege. Please stop it and be civil with each other before someone starts enforcing the rules manually…


All the power to the mysterious someone - this thread did away with following guidelines from reply one including the OP :sweat_smile:

This is why I said “guys”, because I was adressing all of the participants in equal measure.
Now please cease fire and point your weapons arguements in a different direction.

Says the boy who wrote this: Trusting Fatshark with Warhammer 40,000: Darktide - #17 by OrsonMaxwell

You are even more clueless than your other buddies in here. I can not see you have much credibility with the people who run this game and are probably not more than an annoyance to them and other people on this forum.

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