Impossible getting wanted flamethrower level 4 blessings

Issue Description:
After 16 hours trying it out… It seems impossible to get level 4 blessings for the flamethrower

Steps to Reproduce:
Buy 100 gray flamethrowers
Get to Hadron
Bless them until blue
You get all the level 3 blessings, but at level 4 you get only Showstopper and Quickflame

Mission Name (If Applicable):
No mission



Player ID:
CrvxAveSpesUnica - Constanze

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
Rome 2023-11-12 11.12

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

Upload Supporting Evidence:
Do not needed

[PC] Upload Console Log & darktide_launcher.log:
No Log

This had happened since the start of the game… I got a lot of tier 4 weapons (about 30 types of them) above 510 power, but since start of the game I dont get the best Tier 4 blessings for flamethrower… I begin to think thats not lack of luck.

Normally I need, with other weapons, 20 gray items for getting a power above 365, and 2 or 3 blue weapons for blessing wanted… this can’t actually apply to flamethrower… :frowning:

As i understand crafting system, some blessings are more rare to drop (remember power cycler?), and with overall higher weapon rating it’s a higher chance for rare blessings to spawn, so perhaps tha’t your mistake - not going for Transcendant tier.

Also just incase there is no t4 Blaze Away.

Tryed… I now get a 377 gray power flamethrower, first blessing gained Overpressure tier 3 (wanted 4) and last but not least: Showstopper level 4… “O no, not another Showly bell…”

Thank you for the tips, I’m jocking… I will try only 370 power flamethrower, but thinking that none will change

Sorry I forgot that the game is in italian version…

I don’t know… In the blessing editor there are alls the blessings at tier 4… if those can’t be received, I’m trolled :slight_smile:

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