Imperial Edition Wepon Skins, witch are these 8?

I wanted to check if i got all the skins from the Imperial Edition but i cant figure out witch 8 should be there. The promo Picture only shows 5…

I saw myself:
-Ogryn Knife
-Ripper Gun
-Force Staff
-Force Sword
Thunder Hammer (havet got a Zelot witch can buy one so i cant check, but this one is on the Pictures)

This makes 7, what ist the 8th one?
Thougt i saw an Autogun on another Veteran but i cant select one on my Autoguns. So im not sure if this is a Bug or just another Wepon i miss.

Found it myslef, Skin 8 is indeed an Autogun Skin, but only for the Infantry Version, thought Headhunter was the same and just Braced versions were different like the Lasgun and Recon Lasgun.