I'm starting to hate this game

Used to do several legend runs a day to have fun and relax. Now, every time I try I get tired of dealing with it and log off.

Champion is too easy.

Legend is too tedious and/or frustrating to bother with.

I want my game back :frowning:


I want my frame rate back. :frowning: Need to find time to see if the latest hotfix has helped, it says stability fixes, but I think they mean for crashes.


Funny thing, I crashed on Horn of Magnus after they fixed the spawns on it. So yeah, stability…

Since I play on lowest settings intentionally, I haven’t been impacted as much by performance, though it might be worse since even I start noticing micro stutters during multiple flashy effects.

I dunno what’s going on, I can run newer games, and I’ve never had this much trouble with VT2. I have been getting framerate drops into the teens even when nothing is going on, though - hordes do affect it (despite being on the lowest settings), and my processor is literally what is recommended, so . . .

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Had a bug happen in Cata horn the other night. I was already getting my rear carried through cata but it completely went to the birds when the music stopped playing for the entire last quarter of the game

Bet you weren’t host like I was.

I did full reinstall of the game to move it to SSD, feels smoother again. Should test on legend, but none of my usual comrades are playing.

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