I'm likely done after this beta

So here’s a list of my feedback off of my experience in the prior beta and now the pre-order beta.

  1. as someone in another topic listed, XP gain does not seem to reward time fairly. As said in that thread…I have a job and life and other things I want to play. The fact a single mission of this is 20-40 minutes of my free time is a significant investment of time for very little reward. If I was no lifing this game or playing only this game in my free time, the leveling system would be fine but you are currently very much NOT casual player friendly

  2. The Psyker should only earn Peril if the attack actually completes using the headpop. I have had SO MANY instances of earning almost a complete head pop just to build up 40% Peril right as two more enemy Ogryns spawn and I need to take time to channel Peril down. At least make it so an incomplete pop only gives half Peril or something. Very unfun class power. Powerful, but not at all entertaining.

  3. Enemies need to stop using teleport powers to get behind us. “What teleport powers?” you may ask…the ones that spawn them RIGHT BEHIND US. I don’t mean they drop through a hole or jump down from an upper level. They’re just THERE suddenly. What is this? Left 4 Dead? Enemies have too many spawn points as is imo, we don’t need them just snapping into existence right inside our butts.

All in all, I’m finding this game has the same problem Vermintide did…it’s kinda trash until endgame and I frankly have better made and more entertaining games to play than this. If I wanted to play a game that makes me miserable until the endgame, I’d resub to WoW. Adios Fatshark. Unless things get improved a lot in the next month, I’m uninstalling and never looking back.