I'm happy for Huntsman's buff, but that buff needs some tuning

I feel pre-beta Huntsman a little underpowered… so I’m happy Fatshark decided to buff him. But I’m pretty sure that some nerf are coming. It’s not my intention argue about the “correctness” of those hypothetical nerf… but, in case “they” arrive, I’m here to write my suggestions in order to avoid an “over-nerf”.

  1. Sure Shot should give stacks on headshots, not “every 50 meters”. This raises the skill level needed… and it also seems more logical: more Krub scores headshots, more confident he becomes.
    This also prevents the over-Blunderbuss-spamming.

  2. Every 3 shots, you don’t consume ammo”: I find this talent not only useless… but also so flat.
    The first point would re-create the old problem: Blunder and Rep Gun would be once again incompatible with Huntsman (since you need headshot and those weapons aren’t good for this). So… we could change this talent in “every 3 shots you gain a free headshot… BUT you can’t store stacks anymore”. In other careers we already have talents that “change” the passive ability.

  3. you need less meters to gain a stack” talent needs a rework too, since now stacks need heashots… Idk, maybe a % to obtain a double stack?

  4. Reset. This is the main problem. My idea is: “Reset doesn’t give stack anymore but every hit (under ult) counts as headshot”. It keeps its duty of “damaging talent” and its synergies with Rep Gun and Blunderbuss… but it prevents to run for the entire map always “full stacks”. NO MORE cooldown reduction.

  5. Concealed Strikes: I would like to see its duration increased to 7-8 seconds.

  6. Head Down and Hidden: it would become the new “cooldown reduction” talent… since, without invisibility, you really rarely can exploit all the 10 seconds.

  7. anyway I prefer the old talents’ distribution. Making it Looks Easy should not stay among “protective talents” (level 25 row).

Please dear god no. Can we please not go back to a passive that actively works against the blunderbuss? Yes, you can headshot with it ok, but doing so means aiming half your pellets to go over the enemy’s head. Who honestly thinks this is intuitive or a good interaction? Who thinks actively discouraging firing your shotgun at centre mass is good design?

To clarify, yes the current interaction with Blunder is OP. Here’s a simpler fix: sure shot only applies to the centre pellet of blunder. Still helps a lot with ammo generation, but entirely stops the blunder being a strong anti armour weapon as it is right now.

You also get sure shot stacks given to you too easily, but that’s 90% on the Reset talent.


But I agree with you: I’m the first who hates the old situation where Huntsman wasn’t compatible with no-headshot weapons… for this I added the above written talent (every 3 shots, you get a free headshot) to rework the passive (if you want to use certain weapons).

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