If you set 'user_settings' file to read only you can have connection issues


I experienced weirdest connection issues since couple of days, after playing Darktide my internet speed was dropping consistently from 40-60Mbps to 6-8Mbps. It stayed that way till I restarted my PC. Couldn’t find anywhere what was blocking it.

I had ‘user_settings’ file set to read only, as game keept on changing my language otherwise (gamepass). Problem disappeared when I removed this status from the file.

If you have similar network issues it’s worth checking out.

Anyways, have anyone got a clue why this is even happening?


The latest hotfix added a few lines to the file that didn’t seem to be there before and changed the “version” value from 1 to 2, so it’s all either a weird coincidence or a very bizarre looking cause-and-effect chain.