If the "Haste" from the Vermintide 1 was transferred to Vermintide 2

It would be triggered by crit, I think.

Anyway, it would be make a game better? Or worse?

  • Better
  • Worse

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The main difference between V1 and V2 is the number of traits we can have. In V1, there were no properties (or talents/abilities) and we could get 3 traits on orange/red weapons. Some of the V1 traits did come back and were thus converted into talents for specific careers in V2.

Bringing Haste into V2 would make Scrounger and Conservative Shooter obsolete.

Also, it would bring back the 2018 range meta. No thank you.

Not quite sure how it would make Scrounger and Conservative obsolete. It’s not exactly “reliable”.

I think with some tweaks, Haste could make a return as a talent for one of the ranged careers; particularly as a career skill talent for Huntsman, Ranger Veteran or Exhaust replacement on Pyromancer.

Note: Haste wouldn’t make a big impact on the game if it’s exclusive to one career + traits like Barkskin and Swift Slaying probably define the “meta” more.

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