If more melee weapons going to have a "pushback" like heavy attack 1 of Sienna's Flaming Flail, which weapons could be?

Dealing a damage or not, If more melee weapons going to have a “pushback” like heavy attack 1 of Sienna’s Flaming Flail does, which weapons could be?

Personally, I think on Great Hammer would be fits very well.


Going to have to explain what you mean, most weapons can cause stagger

It could work, I think. I have always thought that 2h Hammer should have a stronger push-attack (I mean more staggering). Last BBB buffed it, but imho not enough, since it didn’t give the tank property to the hammer.

About other weapons? Honestly dunno.

Think about the “push”: While blocking, click the left mouse button to push, by default.

Or, what Sienna’s Flaming Flail’s 1st heavy attack does, when hit the enemy.

What I talking about is more close to to 2nd. But with or without dealing an AoE damage.

Sienna’s Mace, perhaps?

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These days there are times when stormvermin do not even flinch when i smack them in the head with a glaive.

Feels and looks really…not quite right.

Well that is not entirely unreasonable, i´d be willing to bet most people would be tempted to blink and flinch upon seeing a fire heading towards their face and almost no time to really react. Many do even if it´s just a harmless soft ball of some kind.

But exactly because that is reasonable i find it even more unreasonable that they dont give a hoot about large axe to the head.


But they stagger when Sienna BW+Firesword… slaps them with her hand.

I think that when Victor receives his Warrior Priest career he might get a hammer (either a special/new 2h one or maybe special/new hammer with shield) that should be able to do that.