Idiots in PUBG

So yesterday a complete tool joined my public game. Not only a tool but a terrible unskilled noob player that was contributing literally nothing to the gameplay, just dying and stealing my conc pots from the field!

I was trying to perfect shade skills and built a pure boss killing build, because I usually play WS elf but am practicing shade more to conquer Fortunes of War. On legend you need Shade.

I always ask groups respectfully, please give me conc pots. Dont need health, dont need ammo… just give me a conc pot to hold i am happy.

Had a BH Saltz total noob idiot join the game, pick up and use conc pots during horde. Yes this moron was taking conc pots to fire his Bh ult into a horde. Like honestly this guy pissed me off so much just by how he was playing I guess all the tools play late at night. No business being in a legend game.

Then after I killed a chaos spawn mid way through war camp… he finds another conc pot. I tell him can he please give it to me. Then with no enemies around he drinks it I guess with the intent to mock my request. What a tool.

He was rolling on his last life and no health so I shot him dead with a headshot and voted him out of the group. Everyone else was like good. Lol rather a bot than this moron.

Do you guys have to deal with nonsensical idiots in public games too? How do you NOT give your shade in the party conc pots??? Its like the only thing we need and want.

Note to all: if you DONT give your shade conc pots… prepare for an angry onslaught of anger from the local elf. It is a horrible crime of epic proportions to not give the shade conc pots if you find them!

Eh…I run Concotion on Shade 90% of the time. No need for conc pots.
With 40% CD reduction you get three uses of infiltrate and when built for it will be able to kill all the minibosses in 2 to 3 uses of infiltrate.
Works quite well for FoW too.

Sounds like a griefer though. Someone on here made a comment of pubs being a type of deed modifier lol!


Well it is an online game so yes.

I really hate the “everyone should give shade conc pots always” thing… other careers can make good use of them, and have fun with them. You don’t need a conc pot to be a good shade!


Or just someone who doesn’t pay attention to chat and isn’t experienced enough to give the concs to Shade by default. There’s no comment about the player’s other actions, so context is sparse, and these stories are always colored by the writer’s anger and frustration.

I do get the frustration, but we’re all inexperienced at one point, and that shouldn’t be held against others. Besides, the other player couldn’t have known that OP was specifically practicing Shade and wanted to get everything out of the Career.

That said, actual trolling or griefing I consider bullying, and I think it should be acted upon as such.


“Giev me all purple!”
This causes much antipathy. Most careers can contribute pretty much with concentration potions; Once a nearly dead Mercenary used his skill to revive an ally (talent), used the free space to traverse to an nearby downed ally while chugging down a purple and reviving again. Kruber was nearly complete full with THP and the whole team was up again.
Absolutely a game saver.

Foot Knights being able to stun lock a sudden patrol, Pyromancers or Battle Wizards on cocaine…err…concentration are also often gold.

As WHC I play with concoction: 5s purple is enough to refill the skill, 5s blue+yellow is a lovely boost to rapier and BoP.
But the main reason: Other players happen to ignore all potions but the purples. They literally stand in front of it and have a slot free. Like they just decide it is not worth to carry them around.
I mean…even if you don’t want to drink them, carry them for someone else. Executioner mercenary on blue is a havoc, dual axe slayer on yellow annihilates skaven patrols.


Fortunes of war definitely does not require a shade on legend. She has her merits for sure but we valued kiting, special killing and clutching more so I took handmaiden. We got through it last night with a handmaiden and slayer clutch at the end.


Yeah. You guys make good points and I agree.

Use concoction trait because no one picks up speed potions and you’ll have all the potions you want.

Also, Shade is not required for FoW. Huntsman is a lot more useful with hordes, specials, and is a pretty decent boss killer. Shade may be great with bosses but mediocre with everything else.


~Wait… you mean to tell me there are idiots in online games?..

*slaps thigh in stunned disbelief…

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