Ideas and advices to Fatshark on future weapons

Hello! I don’t know what are FS plans for future weapons, but there are a handful of iconic w40K weapons that I would love being added to the game. Here are my ideas of how they could perform:


  • Power Axe: a weapon that would work similarly to the current power sword but more single target oriented. It would have a better penetration rating and some extra impact at the cost of a less effective horde clear (mosty diagonal/vertical attack patterns). Same mobility stats as powersword/chainaxe. The current blessing pool of the powersword seems quite adapted to it (power cycler, slaughterer, brutal momentum…) to a point where the power axe could almost serve as the third powersword “mark”

  • Meltagun: this one is tricky because it hard not to make it redundant with the plasma gun: a single shot high damage, high penetration heavy weapon. In recent games such as “space marine” and “dawn of war 2”, the meltagun is portrayed as a sort of short range high energy shotgun, but in “dawn of war 1 soulstorm” for those who remember playing the sister of battle, the infernus pistol and melta/multimelta fired continuous beams. I could see the meltagun working this way in darktide.
    Option 1: continuous beam: enemies caught in the beam would be stunned in a chainweapon/surge staff animation until they die or are no longer caught in the beam. Its range would be shorter than the plasma gun, but there would be a mechanic where the closer you are from the target, the higher the damage it deals. The continuous beam shouldnt last too long though, having a windup time in between two bursts. Heavy armor and boss destruction would be higher than the plasma gun at the cost of range and less efficient shooter management.
    Option 2: A big heavy armor piercing shotgun: Space Marine Meet the Melta Gun.wmv - YouTube


  • Barrage Staff: If you watch the chaos sorcerer ability called “doombolt” in “dawn of war” 1 & 2, you would see what I mean. It would basically work as a machinegun staff, firing multiple bolts in either a straight line or as a “bell shot”. The longer you hold the charge, the more bolts it fires when you release. It shouldn’t have too much cleave not to make it redundant with the voidstrike staff. Primary fire would be the basic single shot one shared across most staves. Here is a chaos sorcerer using “doombolt”: Doom Bolt - YouTube

  • Assault Staff: the equivalent of a shotgun staff: short range high spread, high stagger

  • Molten beam staff: I was playing blood angels around the w40k V5 or V6, and librarians had access to a spell called “spear of sanguinius”. Basically, it works as a straight beam dealing high damage and penetration (you could destroy vehicles and hurt big creatures with it). If you look at my proposition of the meltagun above, it would work in a similar fashion: a short range continuous beam dealing high armor damage and stunning enemies caught in the beam. It could have soulblaze mechanics to synergize with some feats. Maybe the primary attack should be the same as the purgation staff, to emphasize its short range orientation, or a kind of shotgun blast?


  • One handed power maul aka “bruiser”: I would see this as a mini indignatius crusher: Low damage, high stagger weapon with a small aoe effect upon special activation. Aoe diameter and weapon reach would be smaller but mobility and attack speed would be higher. Give it either the mobility of chainaxe/powersword or maybe a bit higher, in the vein of Caxe or Hsword.

  • Two handed Chainaxe: there have been a lot of salt over chainweapons on various threads on this forum, especially over the eviscerator, which people tend to find too small and “light”. I like the eviscerator the way it is even if it is not 100% lore accurate. The two handed chainaxe could make everyone happy. Make it be that slow, heavy two handed chainsaw destructor people are asking for. Penetration rating and single target damage should be all over the place. It has to have a heavy overhead attack in its patterns, and I would even suggest to give it a small aoe effect, staggering light enemies around when hitting the floor (think about the mauler/crusher overhead attacks). Give it also a light + heavy combo that makes horizontal attacks to deal with hordes (dealing more damage and impact but being slower than the equivalent combo on the eviscerator)
    Mobility stats: same as Thammer/Crusher


I barely play Ogryn and haven’t thought yet of weapons to add, but i’m sure people from the community will post their ideas and I will then edit this section to add the good ones!


Melta was already leaked (Though it’s not a continuous beam in the lore)

That’s should be renamed to Assault, not Doombolt, but yeah, could work.

Should simply use the Molten Beam technique from he Pyrokinesy discipline

Might be what is in the insignia leak, though it might also be a Shock Maul and not a Power one (Though not really different in most lore)

Already leaked in the insignia

Thanks! i’m editing some of the stuff including your input!

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Psyker is missing a shotgun/spread shot type of weapon.
For weapons that’s all want for him.
A needler would be cool. So instead of a burn or bleed dot, we can get poison as well.

For the Ogryn, a 2-h melee weapon could be a small barrel from a tank or turret.

Personally in multiple categories:

Easy (Weapon that could be brought by simply pairing current weapons and/or using move pattern from already made weapons, in VT2)

Basically this thread:


Chain Flails (Zealot only)

Ogryn Siege Drill Gauntlet

A few more staves


If Vet gets a Power Axe and Zealot doesn’t I’ll be pissed lol.

Power Sword for veteran and power axe for zealot then?

Power Axe for both ?

Also should depend on the class and not archetype (Eg: Zealot Crusader getting the Power Sword)

If the Crusader Power Sword and Suppression Shield aren’t combined or are worse than the normal P Sword I will riot.

I wonder how it would be made to work on the action economy

Like I could see a situation where the Power Sword is associated with a Suppression shield, but only one has a special

Ministorum mkX Crusader Sword and Shield

  • Action 1: Attack pattern involving the shield and the sword
  • Action 2: Hold to block
    → 1 for push attack
  • Special: Power Sword activation

Ministorum mkV Crusader Sword and Shield

  • Action 1: Attack pattern involving the shield and the sword
  • Action 2: Hold to block
    → 1 for push attack
  • Special: Suppression shield stance

Or dual special

Ministorum mkX Crusader Sword and Shield

  • Action 1: Attack pattern involving the shield and the sword
  • Action 2: Hold to block
    → 1 for push attack
    → Special: Suppression shield activation
  • Special (When not blocking): Power Sword activation

How about giving the Sharpshooter actual sharpshooter weapons, like, say, the Long-Las which is already being used by the scab snipers pretty much?
My lore and military knowledge of 40k is pretty mediocre to say the least but shouldn’t lasguns have a scope by default instead of this “small glass glued onto the gun painted with a circle and dot”?
The Hellbore(which could/should be a good sniper weapon, but it isn’t) literally has a scope mount by the way…
Meltas will come as folks already found evidence for them during datamining.
At this point any other gun that isnt a recylced version of a already existing one would be a welcome addition

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