Idea for New Map Condition: More Crafting Mats

Call it Salvage Rich, or something idk, but if you’re gonna crib elements from Deep Rock, at least grab one of the good ones. IDC if it makes crafting mats more plentiful across the map or acts as a modifier increasing the return value of the ones that do get picked up. But make it generous like 2x, 2.5x, or 3x.

But tldr something like this could help alleviate crafting woes while adding another beneficial special condition akin to Low Intensity zones.


To be honest, I’d rather just attach crafting materials to every condition and every secondary objective as additional rewards. I’d rather have beneficial conditions help mission completion like low-intensity. Or have the +ordo dockets curio property be +crafting materials instead.

You know what, have all of it. The condition, the rewards and the property. Give players more choices.