Idea for an event - Taal Event

Got a bit of time on my hands so I though that I would suggest an idea for an event.

Taal Event

Special weekly event

Sacred Hunt - Hunt down a flee quarry before that quarry reaches the end of the level, either for a frame or art. There are basically two kinds of quarries. One fast and one well escorted. The fast one will move fast with a limited escort for a short-medium distance and then have to take a rest for a time to catch its breath, and will naturally make a sprint if attacked. The well-escorted moves slower but has 2-3 patrols worth of escorts. If attacked the escort will turn to fight while a part of it and the quarry will keep moving towards the end of the map.

The Horned Hunter - Similar to the ghost at another event, there’s a indestructible Horned Hunter tracking the Ü5, at a fairly slow pace - the hunter is in no hurry - and will fire with his bow against the players when coming in rage and attack with a spear if in melee. The game is essentially a race to finish the level before the Horned Hunter can catch the Ü5.


The Horned Hunter teleports and suddenly appears from a blast of leaves to attack both Ü5 and pactsworn like a kind of third side boss until reduced in health at which point he will teleport away in a shower or leaves and return a while later to to attack the Ü5 again. Reasonably normal bosses can’t be triggered during this event and possibly normal objectives are removed so its just to make it across the map in the shortest time possible.

Reward is a frame or art.

In addition to some normal event quests like headshots, quick plays and so on for some cool Taal-flavoured art.


I really like these ideas. Maybe with the horned hunter idea you could combine your two options. Have a mini boss like creature following the players and if it catches up to them, a mini boss fight happens. Once it becomes too damaged, it gets chased off and the process starts again. Each encounter could reduce its maximum health a tiny bit so you can either outrun it the whole map or eventually kill it after using a large amount of resources and time.

Really good ideas and it would be amazing for Fatshark to implement them.

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