IB bot completely worthless

Tanking in this case constitutes that he holds a large number of enemies in place, buying time and holds aggro

Poor bot choices.

I use Ironbreaker, Unchained, Footknight with extra health, stamina, and stamina recovery.

Much easier Legend runs.

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I don’t think they are too terrible overall, but the AI could use some polish here and there:

  • they try to revive at all costs, even to the point of dying to acid

  • bosses. This is a big one: if a boss is around and a horde comes, they will disregard the horde for the most part and just go for the boss. This can mean a wipe if you cannot clear the horde fast on your own. Bombs help immensely in this scenario.

  • ledges: they seem to have no concept of the dangers a ledge poses. I recently lost a solo + bots run because they decided to stand near a ledge and let a Chaos Spawn knock them off

  • they fail to cross certain points of no return when coming to the rescue (e.g. the hole in the wall in Righteous Stand after you fire the cannon). You need to be extra careful around these points: if a gutter runner, leech or hunter are around, it’s better to wait for it to come to you.

  • leeches and packmasters: if you are incapacitated by one of these specials, they often chase it and whack with a melee weapon. This is especially dangerous with the packmaster as it can take the bots a while to catch up. I think this might be because they are afraid to hit you with a ranged weapon when you are in between the special and them. A human player would solve this problem by just moving sideways.

  • specials in general: they will sometimes flat out ignore a special who is in plain sight. This doesn’t happen to often, but it does happen, and it’s usually when other threats are around. This can spell doom if you play a build with no ranged capabilities (Slayer, Flamestaff Sienna, Drakegun IB)

One idea I had (which I already posted in another thread IIRC) was to bring back the pre-beta health on kill mechanic, but for bots only. This would give them something of a safety net, as they quite often eat blows out of stupidity.

I mostly agree, but they definitely don´t try to revive at all costs, on the opposite, they prioritize almost everything else over reviving. The problem here is that they mostly have no concept of standing in gas, they mostly just ignore any gas or fire or other AoE (especially gas though). And they don´t just disregard the threat of ledges (so do I for the most part and I only fell over the edge a few times so far), they actively jump over the f*cking edge for some reason I really want to punch a dev hard over. Oftentimes they jump simultaneously even :unamused:

If you mean “they automatically aggro about 1/4 of the incoming enemies based on the fact that they exist and breathe and don´t usually die too quickly,” then sure, he tanks well I guess :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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