I want my money back

This is not meele focues as promised, this is COD quick scope,

I was promised meele fighting, but all that is valid is ranged!

How can I get my money back!

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I can’t tell if you’re a troll or what but… the heck are you talking about? I see 0 parallels between this game and CoD.

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This is a more contructive thread about the issue you’re raising.

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Yes, I agree.

We were promised a meele oriented game, we did not get it.

So I will check legal options to get refound.

You can still be melee focused and there is no problem at all if you dont like ranged. Most melee builds are viable and Tank classes are strong. I don’t get the criticism here. Its not vermintide 1, and I think some people want to make this game that but with different maps. I think its much better and more flexible.

You can go viable melee build with almost all characters and some are extremely Tanky.

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I tried meele on legend and it’s not legit, you can’t even get to rats before they die!

Even WS with longbow can’t get a kill,because they are dead before the “charge” is over, so how do think a meele can get to rats before they die?

Ok, so I do extremely well on WS, and I even melee a lot with her.

I don’t wanna be that guy, but this just might be an issue of playing more legend. It took me quite a while to not just fail miserably at legend.

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This seems to be more of a cry for attention, if you bought the game on steam you need to ask steam for a refund, not fatshark


Yes, cry for attention

How many players who did pay for the game did quit?`

Since they were promised “brutal meele”, but get “ranged rules them all”

Surely they must all be refund’!

Well I wish you all the luck in the world with your “legal action” to get your refund

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Perhaps I sometimes play with better player than you, because as WS Í will meele, and I will meele allt the time, It’s waste of time to charge the longbow. THEY ARE DEAD BEFORE I CHARGE!

Any ways good luck

I try not to say this but this is a very clear cut case of “git gud.”

First, other people on frontline classes do perfectly fine in legend, even when paired with exceptional backline players. The game delivers more than enough carnage to go around and skilled frontliners match skilled backliners, especially once you factor in the elements that aren’t covered on the scorecard, eg. staggering and facetanking, an IB ulting and locking a patrol, etc.

Second, WS can’t get a kill? Are you on crack? If you’re saying the fastest backline assassin isn’t capable of getting kills, this further highlights this is an issue of the player being bad.

Third, 14/15 classes have ranged weapons. Backline jobs have sustainability so frontline jobs get more ammo pickups and everyone is on an relatively even playing field. Frontliners can also take advantage of the same sustainability traits as backliners so not only should they have ammo most of the time to compete vs ambients and with which to remain lethal while closing the gap, all frontline jobs have a plethora of mobility, lethality, and survivability perks designed to make them more effective in melee. They also hsve access to all the same weapons. In some cases, they have even better ranged weapons capable of keeping them on top.

Lastly, stop trying to straw man a one sentence blurb from the steam page. Watch the trailer. Is there ranged combat shown in the trailer? Yes, extensively.

When I play something and don’t immediately perform as well as I feel I should, my first instinct isn’t to blame everything but myself. Why has this become the case in this instance?


Play the game.

I’m not talking ult, by the time a WS has “charged” the bow, the target is dead.

(for you, it’s right mouse)

Gahh, do you play with bots?

Please learn the basics of the game before demanding changes to it.

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What should I learn ?

(I know, i’m not an export player)

(now I go all nasty) I apologize for that, but I can’t realy stop… forgive me

Are you that bad, that you can’t even nuke all with one ranged friend in legend.

Can’t you find two ranged, who will teach you that legend is easy?

Court is your only option.

But somehow I think you just want drama, not money.


And what killed the target before you could charge your bow?
And all the other targets in your line of sight?

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Can you at least find try to play meele with…

Sienna, Hunter or perhaps Bounty hunter.

Shortbow charged, I have 30% to get kill, .longbow = 1% to get kill.


I want fatshark to deliver what they did promise.

You are completly right, I don’t care about the money, it’s does not matter for me. I have games that I did play for 10 minutes, and I did not claim money back.

If there is risc that 50k players could get their money back, then FS should have an incentive to deliver.

When somebody promised something, they should be obliged to at least try to keep the promise.

Why not join the Fatshark Discord https://discord.gg/K6gyMpu