I thought pre latest patch the game had a good pace

Hey guys,

First i have to say this game is too addictive to the point of putting on hold Far Cry 5.

When i first started playing i died a fair bit at the start (i play mostly with bots and level them up alongside) until around level 5+. Trying vet wiped me all the time. As i got to the point i could manage recruit 95% of the time i started on vet. Started off poorly but as i was leveling eventually started to make progress around level 15. By 25 i could do Champion sometimes and only some maps. Fair enough before the patch i never got any 200+ items till the level reward chest each time. Had a lot of fun feeling the party getting stronger.

Now since the patch i cannot even think about Champion. Even on Vet the specials spawn a lot and pretty much always when fighting a boss ( on vet the only wipe boss can be the chaos spawn - i hate that thing! :slight_smile: ) Moreover some of the specials are really unfair. Like the spam lobbing globeadier who spawns and throws before you have time or bots time to react. My last game im in 300 gear level 30, 26,25,25 and we all wiped in the basement passage on Empire in Flames because said special just turned up spammed globes and we wiped.

I understand a challenge is needed but now progression is out the window. Vet is too easy for my level bar insane spawns and Champ is impossible with bots. The bosses hit like bricks and we wipe in no time (any of the types).

Whats the point of having min power levels when you cant even do those levels of difficulty anywhere near them?

Love the game, just hate how the pace has gone from fluid to a mess and finding myself having to grind boring vet missions to level up. I reckon even with bots at 30 with orange gear Champion will be impossible judging by how quick my 30 dies.

Sorry for long post, wish it was more balanced so playtime is rewarded regardless of style (player vs bots) and was more fluid instead of feeling like someone is randoms placing stuff constantly and usually at the worst times.


Bots are not in a really good place at the moment. It will probably get a lot better with Quality of Life. Still, the bots have always sucked at bosses. I’d avise you to start playing with people. When you find someone you like to play with add him to your friend list and play with him again. Having a team with you emproves the expirience considerably. It’s a co-op game and a very good one at that, you won’t appreciate it fully while playing alone

The bots certainly do have issues sometimes :slight_smile:

I have a few friends i play with when they are on and it is a lot more fun. I have more time on my hands after work than they do and i dont really want to play in PUGs . I never expected to do legendary diff with bots but i thought Champion should (and was) possible otherwise there is nothing to grind from 15-30 with bots other than vet.

Game is still fairly new, will keep grinding away and playing the odd co ops. It can still be a lot of fun :slight_smile:

champion is still doable with bots, but i’m sure you can tell this game was never meant to be a solo one. the fun for me is working with people, adapting to their tactics and complementing whatever setup randoms bring to the table. quickplay is a great experience.

I know mate and i will get around to doing more co op. Just a shame my friends cant be on more.

you could just put stickers on your screen over the name plates with the word BOT written on and play some quick play co op game, you don’t have to talk to us or anything and were not as hostile as you might be thinking.

the funny thing about vermintide is that it’s growing my steam friend list immensely. i like to quickplay alot but i can understand why people want to group up after getting so pissed off at bad play.

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