I think it's time to tone back the harsh feedback of Darktide

Everyone has their own way and style of doing things, and Fatshark is no different. Say what you will about how good or bad their development style has been, but Fatshark has a right to do things their own way and to establish their own identity as a game studio. Sometimes other people may not see eye to eye with them or understand the appeal in doing things the way they do, but that’s what keeps our experiences with others diverse and interesting. Instead of trying to change Fatshark, let’s work on changing ourselves instead, and endeavor to learn and grow from this experience as human beings.


I disagree, it’s time for you to quit simping.


Is accepting crappy releases the step towards changing myself?


You dont have to accept it for yourself, but you can learn to appreciate that this is just how FatShark expresses themselves as a company.

You sound like the Project Lead that claimed it was totally FatSharks plan to include 2100 Aquila bundles, but it just didn’t work out until after people got upset about it.


I see. Well. Don’t forget after accepting and appreciating Fatshark. You now have to give me 39.99 + don’t forget to buy my monopoly money + buy my overpriced cosmetic skins + tip. Thank you.



But this is how my business expresses itself. You just have to appreciate this.


I will appreciate it from a safe distance.

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Pretty much every single thing in their last letter was adressing critisism from players. A lot of the stuff they are now working on is because of that. So no i wont change anything.


You are whats wrong with society. It is called enabling.

EDIT: Just to make it clear, I meant Kattsylt and Genius. They are ruining it for everyone, basically. Stop making up excuses for companies to behave like shite


wow rude
Edit: oh

Why the hell do you have to make a thread with this subject? I think you should have informed yourself first of how fatshark does things, what it promises and what it does. If we have to respect that he deceives people with his promises and that he lowers the quality of his product at the same time that the price of these goes up, I don’t know what the hell you’ve smoked.

I can’t understand all these threads that you open to speak well of fatshark or respect what they do. If it was his first game, I’d buy it. Being his third game, these threads are garbage. With all the respect in the world. And short I stay with what I think.

When fatshark does things right, it translates into people playing longer hours and people not complaining. It translates into people recommending the game to other people and people talking about how amazing the game is. Take Valheim for example. And when it’s the other way around, you know what happens. And deservedly.


I just don’t want his feelings to be hurt. We should all respect each other.

And customers have a right to criticize “their way” of doing things, especially when they’re so detrimental to the experience of the game.

What you’re saying is just absurd, thinking players should gloss over and accept all the issues because somehow it’s not the developer - the people who made the game, who’d are obviously the ones responsible for implementing changes - who needs to change things, but the people complaining about it who need to change. Utter nonsense.


So you think the feelings of players and customers matter less?


Poor things, I’m going to hurt their feelings. The 40 euros have not been enough for their happiness. I imagine you’re kidding or basically you’re trolling.



cant stop laughing about your trolling. Epic Man and the replies :crazy_face: :rofl: :joy:


Some things cannot be accepted because they become universally allowed. Deficiencies, inefficiencies, lack of proper testing and constant lying and dressing everything in nice words from PR people, this is the current industry standard. I wonder if someone would build you a house without one wall and without a toilet and tell you that you have good foundations and you can live here and in a year or so the rest will be added, long overdue and he took the money in advance.

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