I think its impossible to win legend with random. i played 20 games and dont win anyone. its too upset me

i think its impossible to win legend with random. i played 20 games and dont win anyone. its too upset me

Not impossible at all, just really, really rare to get an actually decent group of people who don’t yolo forward to jerk off to their green circles after the DEFEAT screen.

What I hate most about Legend are those instant ragequitters who wouldn’t give even a decent team the time o’ day because they lost due to unfair spawns. Get a grip you crybabies!

Try finding some mates to coordinate with and you’ll see higher success rates. And while you’re at it, always think “Have I done nothing wrong? What can I improve?”.

Play with 2 tanks or tank like classes.

From a 1.06 pug today. The tank must be able to fearlessly mix it up with a horde. Stam regen, push angle or equivalent cc.

Think about packmasters and globadiers spawning with the horde, and play accordingly

Don’t worry about upjumped veteran players who don’t know what’s going on but whine and moan about other players!

but i havent friends who play in vermintide thats why i play alone (with random) its very very pity. i want to take a red things but i cant. i have 600 str with all needed characteristicks weaponts and trincets. and for what? i cant win that game alone.

I’m saying look for team comps with 2 tanks; since 1.05 this is the ez meta. They can be fake tanks like the WHC, or perhaps melee built like a tank with stam regen and push angle

Have you considered sending Steam friend requests to players who you enjoyed grouping with? Prior to VT1 I literally never once added someone to my friend list who I didn’t already know in real life.

From VT1, I have 167 friends who own that game, 121 of whom have picked up VT2. This gives me a steady stream of folks I’ve at least trusted enough in game to be willing to add them as a friend on Steam. Most of these players have microphones and communicate with the team, and a decent majority of them capitalize on team-based tactics as compared to running around tunnel visioned and pushing forward into a horde alone with no situational awareness as to what the rest of the team is doing.

Several of the folks on my friends list I chat with on an almost daily basis, and have been friends with for over 2 years now. VT2 isn’t a loot grind game for me, it’s hanging out with my friends and killing rats - and sometimes with random people I haven’t met before.


Can confirm. Krindi is friendly.

It is real tough for sure, winning Legend is all about teamwork and having good teamwork with 4 random people is a challenge! I try to stay with the same group for a few games and chat between games about how we can work better together.

If all else fails, start sending some friend requests and finding regular folks to play with.

Its not impossible like you say mate. Its challenging for sure, but with communication and one other strong player its not that bad. Of course its easiest with 3 other very strong, skilled and positional players… but you do need at least 1 other strong player to beat legend most times. My winrate is sitting about 20% of qp legend games. If your team is weak… do not be afraid to bark orders at people. Seriously it helps. Some people are just too zoned out to realize they are screwing up the team position. I am telling you all right now scenario positioning is more than half the battle … in this game. If no ones acting the leader part… and you know whats best… act like it! Most QP players are looking to follow someone who knows whats best anyways mate.

With my go to preferred team… its pretty much 90% of games won. Some maps its pretty close to 99%

(shrug) I’ve only played legend with randoms because nobody on my friend list is even willing to try the game for various reasons. I have all legend maps beaten for Slayer, Iron Breaker, and Merc so far with something like half for Pyro and Foot Knight. I play legend quickplay fairly frequently and would say have about a 30-40% success rate, higher depending on players and team comp.

The problem is somewhat playing with randoms, but it’s also probably just that you don’t have good enough fundamentals for legend and need better players to carry you a bit. There’s no real shame in that, but you should try to work on positioning, awareness, good prioritizing, communication, knowing when to push vs when to back up, etc. That being said, things will probably be particularly hard after today’s patch, so you might just want to concentrate on champion for now while people adjust.

Holy Necro, Batman!


I was confused for a moment lol. Although, it is interesting how much the difficulty has dropped since April. I’d chock most of that up to bug fixes.

My all-time favorite bug was the leeches that teleported on top of you and slapped you to death. It was like a really painful high-five from FS every time. Sigh, and now they just blow you a kiss from a distance…

It does really make a difference to have less random stuff happening. I’ve heard some people call these “nerfs” but I’m pretty happy with them. There’s twitch mode, deeds, and mods if Legend is just too EZ for ya.

I wasn’t trying to complain – mostly joking about stupid bugs. I agree most of the changes have been positive. Although, there has definitely been some power creep.

The other options you listed to bump up the difficulty just aren’t that fun or are very situational – at least from my POV. One-shot RNG drop deeds that generally require four people who actually want to do them? Playing modded and forgoing what little endgame progression there is – which also requires people who actually want to do that. Or playing a coop game by myself in true solo? And then there’s Twitch – assuming you use Twitch. Tried all of the above and they aren’t that appealing. /shrug

Short of artificially inflating the difficulty or forcing me to find three dedicated hardcore teammates, I’d rather just see some new content. Another difficulty tier. A real mutator system. New loot drops – cosmetics and items that actually affect gameplay. That’s the stuff that gets me excited. It’s a little sad that not a lot has really changed substance-wise in 7-8 months. Two new maps? That’s pretty much it.

For sure! I wasn’t trying to argue with you. Just riffing on your comment. I think VT2 is ready for and endgame upgrade as well.

In the meantime I often invite my QP groups to run a Legend deed after we’ve had a good game. Mostly they go for it! I may start running Twitch (with no Twitch) more often if I run out of deeds/people with deeds. I am running low on fun ones.

Deeds… Khajiit has wares, if you have coin.

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we love digging up old posts!

i love the legend quickplay experience. you could be a really good player, but you’re still gonna struggle when you see your slayer run off into the distance while your wizard is incapacitated behind, you’re trying to res her but he’s shouting ‘where the hell are you guys’, dies to a horde, then ragequits.

then you have the jolly good games where people keep getting downed but everyone’s laughing it off and passionately discussing their favourite weapons and why it’s so satisfying to stab rats.

after so many years, vermintide still delivers much for me =)

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This made me want to fire up the Sega emulator and make a GIF from my favorite childhood game.

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